Office of Recreational Services




Facility Area Reservations

For UT Student Organizations and Departments only – all others will be considered to be “RENTALS”
• Badminton • Basketball • Indoor Soccer • Racquetball •
• Sand Volleyball • Volleyball • Walleyball • Climb Wall • Meeting Room •

  • The reserving group must turn in a reservation application in the RC office with at least two weeks notice.
  • Room/Area rental fees will be waived, but groups will be held responsible for any cost associated with the reservation, including additional staffing needs.
  • Court reservations may only occur during regular hours of operation and may be no more than two hours in duration.
  • Groups are strongly encouraged to call the Associate Director to check on dates/times before submitting the application. UT and SRC events, informal recreation needs, and prior reservations/rentals will take priority over pending reservations.
  • Groups may reserve space in the SRC, HEC or Morse Center up to 3 times in a single semester.
  • Any non-students/non-members must submit a properly completed and signed outing release form and pay the guest pass fee.
  • All regular user guidelines apply to facility entry (proper ID is required) and to activity in a reserved area.

Facility Rentals

The Student Recreation Center, Health Education Center, and Carter Field are available for rental.
The SRC, non-academic use of the HEC and Carter Field are reserved through the Office of Recreation.

  • Advance written application (2 weeks) 
  • Signed outing release forms (All participants must have a  release waiver signed) To expedite your admission into the Rec Center please have your release forms copied and signed prior to your arrival.
  • Signed Chaperone Policy Guide review statement.
  • Appropriate attire (shorts, sweat suits, swim suit and athletic shoes) required for all participants
  • Unless specific arrangements are made, rental groups will not be permitted to use the track, racquetball, exercise machines, spin room, free weight room, or fitness studio. These areas are for members only. Additional restrictions may apply, see the rental confirmation.
  • Participants must keep assigned wrist bands on for the duration of the visit. Those who remove the bands risk ejection from the SRC.
  • Always bring locks and towels
  • All groups with minors (under 18 years of age) require active chaperones in all areas being used
  • Fitness Sessions and Teambuilding Programs available – inquire for rates
(during regular operational hours)
(usually during non-operational times)
  • Cost $10.00 /person paid on event day
  • School Day Field Trips $8/student
  • Cost of extra staff needed will be billed to renter
  • Includes open recreation – with restrictions,equipment and room, if requested and available
  • Cost includes areas/rooms rented and equipment;
  • Extra charge for staffing & miscellaneous items
  • Cost estimate for 2 hrs full facility and staff = $1,200 (pools, gyms, game & meeting rooms)
  • Full payment due 4 business days before event

Student Rec Center Rental Application Forms

Click here to submit an Online Rental Form for the Student Recreation Center

Click Here to submit an Online Rental Form for the Health Education Center

Click Here Morse Fitness Center Rental Application Form

Last Updated: 11/21/16