Recreational Services

Peer Educators

Peer Educators educate the campus community about overall health and well-being, including not limited to alcohol and drug prevention/education, Title IX and sexual assault, sexual health, and stress management by providing educational programs.  Peer educators provide the peer to peer support necessary to raise awareness, provide information and resources to the students on campus.  

All peer educators will complete the NASPA Certified Peer Educator course and receive additional training on all health and well-being topics, including continuing education throughout the academic year. Peer educators strengthen their communications and leadership skills while expanding their knowledge on topics surrounding student well-being.Peer Educators provide a variety of engaging workshops to various entities on campus. This could include student organizations, Greek Life, academic courses, and more.

You may submit a request for a program that has not been created and we will do our best to work with you. Please use this link to submit a request for a program at least two weeks prior to the desired date.

Last Updated: 6/21/22