Sexual Assault Education & Prevention Program

Cup of Prevention

The Cup of Prevention campaign is one of a series of education initiatives to inform the UToledo community about sexual misconduct.

  • Provides campus resources to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct
  • Continues the conversation about how to reduce incidents of sexual misconduct
  • Promotes the practice of being a pro-social bystander

What is sexual misconduct?

Sexual misconduct is a type of violence that uses power, control and/or intimidation to harm another. It includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and retaliation. It occurs when there is an absence of consent.

If you have experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct, submit the complaint form or contact the Office of Title IX.

of campus sexual assaults involve alcohol

of people who are sexually assaulted know their assailants

of stalking offenders are current or former intimate partners

Be a Pro-Social Bystander

Bystander Training

The Office of Title IX hosts Bystander Intervention and Consent Culture training sessions throughout the academic year. Register for an upcoming training and learn how to:

  • Identify behaviors on a continuum of violence
  • Develop empathy for those who have experienced violence
  • Practice safe and appropriate intervention skills
  • Commit to intervening before, during and after an incident
Register for Bystander Training

How to be an active bystander

  • Speak up when you witness unacceptable behavior
  • Say or do something to shift the attention
  • Get someone else involved
  • Support someone after the incident
When intervening, make sure you are taking your safety into consideration.

Need Help?

Title IX has resources available to assist students, faculty and staff in matters around sexual violence.

Contact Title IX at or 419.530.4191.

Last Updated: 6/21/22