TRiO Student Support Services

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Student Support Services 

Referred to as the TRIO program or the TRIO SSS program, TRIO Student Support Services is a long established student retention program dedicated to increasing University of Toledo graduation rates with a special emphasis on first-generation and Pell eligible students.


Support is our middle name. We promote independence and provide opportunities to develop leadership skills. TRIO SSS is a way to get involved on campus and be your own person. Being in TRIO SSS means you want to have the easiest and most fun college experience that you can. 

Serving students is at our base. TRIO SSS is not a tutoring program. However, we include tutoring among the long list of services that we provide at no charge to our students. We are the source of success for hundreds of UT students who are motivated to succeed, are committed to completing their college degrees, and plan to assume leadership roles in their communities.

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Federally funded since October of 2001, our selective program has supported more than 300 students toward a baccalaureate degree. One third of those graduates have begun graduate programs across the region.

TRIO SSS Scholars are strong learners. More than 2/3rds are in Good Standing at the end of the year. Most earn a GPA of 2.5 or greater. Those who need help work closely with our staff.

SSS students are resourceful taking advantage of in-house and campus tutorial services. Scholars can learn new skills or improve old one with our academic seminars and workshops.

TRIO SSS Scholars enjoy more than help with their classes. We offer advice and counseling on financial matters, goal setting, preparing for graduate school, and more.

Finally, TRIO SSS Scholars are a diverse group. Almost 30% of our students are non-traditional ranging from 24 to 64 years of age. One third are transfer students. Many have families.

TRIO SSS staff receive training to maintain the compliance for the following designations:


  veteran friendlylgbtq safe zonedepartment of education

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Last Updated: 12/16/19