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How can i recycle old/outdated books?

Organize by Origin

The University of Toledo no longer takes whole books for recycling. Those who wish to recycle outdated books have the option of either finding a drop off location outside of campus, or breaking the books down into their basic constructs (paper, cardboard, metal, & plastic) and recycling the individual book parts into their allocated bins. 

For Example: If you have a book that can no longer be re-used, you can properly recycle it by tearing the paper out of the binding and placing the pages into the paper bin; the hard cover into the cardboard bin; and the binding into the trash. 


Rocket Recycling is moving toward Rocket Reduction in an effort to reduce recycling contamination. Individual office recycling bins have been removed. Please walk to the nearest recycling station in your building to properly recycle office paper. For more information read UT News: Rocket Reduction Promotes Smarter Recycling

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Last Updated: 6/27/22