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Being good stewards of the environment has always been important to The University of Toledo. Similar to what other organizations, along with community-wide efforts are experiencing, the cost to recycle is unfortunately an expensive proposition.

 As a result, UToledo is modifying its approach to recycling and we need your help! Please note the following changes:

1.  Recycling stations, which promote streamlined, “common area” recycling, have been expanded across our campuses and contain four bins – mixed office paper, metal cans (e.g. Coke cans), plastic (e.g. Dasani water bottles) and landfill (trash).

    • Each bin is labeled on top to help you identify the appropriate container "Important to note" when items are not recycled correctly, cross-contamination occurs,  resulting in ALL of a bin’s contents goes to the landfill.
    • A complete list of stations will be posted on this webpage. Please check back soon if you need help locating a station.
  2.  Office recycling containers were removed over the summer to promote increased use of the recycling  stations which are conveniently  located throughout our facilities (e.g. in hallways). This was done to reduce labor and other associated costs.
    •  It is the employee’s responsibility to empty its contents at a recycling station.

 3.  Cardboard recycling – Employees should break down small- and medium-sized boxes and place the flattened cardboard at a recycling station (behind the bins so foot traffic is not impeded).

For large/oversized boxes, a Maintenance/Custodial work order should be submitted so Environmental Services may pick up this flattened cardboard  from your work area.

While we encourage our campus community to continue being good stewards of the environment by recycling, the University is shifting its focus toward reducing waste first before recycling (e.g. avoiding use of disposable coffee cups and disposable water bottles and instead using washable, reusable containers).

 Approaching recycling with a business-as-usual mindset is no longer sustainable; we urge everyone at UToledo to become part of the solution by participating in collective efforts to first and foremost reduce waste, and then recycle various types of items properly.

 Continued updates and education will be forthcoming to assist all.

 Thank You for helping with our Rocket Recycling efforts!

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Last Updated: 10/25/23