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recycling stations 

These stations which promotes streamline, "common area" recycling, have been expanded across our campuses and contain four bins - mixed office paper, metal cans (e.g. Coke cans), plastic (e.g. Dansani water bottles) and landfill (trash).

  •  Each bin is labeled on top to help you identify the appropriate container.
  • Important to note, when items are not recycled correctly cross-contamination occurs,resulting in all of a bin's contents goes to the landfill.
  • A complete list of stations will be posted on this webpage.  Please check back soon if you need help locating a station.

Recycling containers

office recycling containers

These containers were removed over the summer to promote increased use of the recycling stations, which are conveniently located throughout our facilities (e.g. in hallways).  This was done to reduce labor and other associated costs.It is the employee's responsibility to empty its contents at a recycling station.


Cardboard recycling

  1.  Flatten all empty cardboard boxes.
  2.  Small-and medium-sized boxes should be placed at the recycling station nearest you after they're flattened.Please be sure this cardboard doesn't impede foot traffic by neatly placing it behind the bins.                  
  3.  Large, oversized boxes should be kept in your area (after they're flattened) until Environmental Services can pick up this flattened cardboard; please put in a work order.

Printer cartridge recycling

Main Campus: Please drop off your ink/toner cartridges to Door 7 at the back of the Plant Operations Building. 2925 E. Rocket Dr. 

Health Science Campus: Please drop off your ink/toner cartridges to the bins behind Facilities and Support Building (FSB). E. Medical Loop.

If the bins are close to capacity, please call Rocket Recycling at 419-530-1042. Please DO NOT mail ink cartridges to ANY mail stops here at the University. Thank you!

Please ensure that you are putting ONLY the toner cartridges into the provided bins. Toner cardboard boxes and paper should be recycled into their separate assigned bins. 


Computers & Related Equipment

All computers and related equipment is now being recycled through IT. To submit an IT request for a pick up of computer-related equipment or contact Rick Gerasimiak via email or by phone at 419.530.3411 for more information.                           

  • Computers & Laptops
  • Monitors & Computer Parts
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Modems & Routers
  • Cables
  • Speakers, Keyboards, Mouse
  • Copiers & Fax Machines
  • Televisions without picture tubes

Document destruction

Document destruction at The University of Toledo can be scheduled as part of a project or move, or as a regular service. Once the documents are shredded, the paper is then recycled.

Bin delivery and pick up is scheduled through the contacts listed below and any charges are the responsibility of the department utilizing the service. Please an index number when you request assistance.

Main & Scott Park Campus: MC & SP's document destruction is contracted out to Lott Industries. To order document destruction service, please contact Lott Industries' Tish Price at 419.381.3531. There is no charge to place a locking toter (furnished by Lott). There is a flat rate of $17.95 per bin pickup. Same price if bin is empty, half full, or full!                 

Health Science Campus: HSC's document destruction is contracted out to AllShred. To order document destruction service, please contact facilities.



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Last Updated: 7/15/24