The University of Toledo Office of Sustainability


plastic Water bottles

Reduce the number of plastic water bottles used by re-filling the bottle you already have! There are eight refillable water bottle stations throughout Main Campus and the Health Science Campus. Refillable stations are located in the Student Union, Snyder Memorial, Carlson Library, the Student Recreation Center, and the Health Education Building.

bottle refill

Byom! Bring your own coffee mug

Bring your own coffee mug to campus cafes instead of using disposable cups. Participating coffee shops like Starbucks will give you a discount on your drink when you bring in any reusable cup.

 starbucks reusable mugs

High efficiency Hand Dryers

Reduce paper towel use and greenhouse gas emissions by taking advantage of UT's high efficiency hand dryers! This is a quick and easy way to practice sustainability on a daily basis.

 hand dryer

Print double sided

File electronically when possible, but when paper copies are needed print double sided to reduce the amount of paper used. All printers at the University are pre-set to print double-sided in order to conserve paper use.




Last Updated: 7/15/24