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Energy Management

Solar Panels


Energy efficiency is a way of managing and restraining the growth in energy consumption. The University of Toledo is constantly looking for more efficient ways to decrease energy use and use natural energy sources of movement like wind, photons, and Earth-generated thermal energy transfer.

Energy is distributed to the buildings via steam and chilled water pipes as well as through the electric grid. The data on electric use is measured by meters on every building and summarized yearly for evaluation.

Energy Summaries

Solar Energy

1.12 MW, 8 acre solar field and a 10 kWh Sunlight paneled roof display at Scott Park Campus which generated 26% of Scott Park's energy needs in FY 2012.

Physics & Astronomy maintains three solar systems: 20 polysilicon panels connected in series, capable of generating about 1000W of instantaneous power outside McMaster Hall on Main Campus. 6 kW roof mounted array on top of University Computing Center on Main Campus. 6 kW ground mounted array outside of R1 Building on Main Campus.

 Solar Field
Wind Energy

80 kWh two-blade at Scott Park Campus.

4 kWh helical wind turbine at Scott Park Campus.

 Wind turbine

Four natural-gas turbines were installed in order to provide clean and independent electricity to the University Computing Center on Main Campus.

The turbines spool up to 96,000 revolutions per minute to generate 260 kilowatts of electricity, providing continuous power to the university's critical data center.

 cogeneration turbines


Electric Car Charging Station

The Juice Bar is open to the public! Campus-wide presence at 4 different locations

Main Campus, Operation Services main entrance

Main Campus, East ramp parking off Bancroft, Lot #2

Scott Park campus (front of Parkside Entrance, Lot #22)

Health Science campus (Facilities support building FSB

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