Department of Interdisciplinary and Special Programs

The Department of Interdisciplinary and Special Programs (ISP) includes the following degree programs: 

  • General Studies:
    • Associate's degree program that enables students to complete the core education requirements for bachelor degree programs while customizing their path to meet individual and professional needs.
  • Individualized Degree Program:
    • Enables students to work with their academic advisor to create a unique and customized (individualized) Bachelor’s degree program. Student must have completed at least 20 hours of college coursework to be eligible to start in Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Liberal Studies:
    • Enables students over 24 to earn their bachelor's degree by using broad educational experiences including accelerating progress through college level testing, integrating real-world experiences for alternative credit, and formal learning experiences.
  • Professional Studies:
    • Enables students with a technical associate’s degree or at least 60 hours of completed work to add professionally focused courses from business, communications, leadership and more to their experience.
Last Updated: 10/12/18