Department of Interdisciplinary and Special Programs

The Department of Interdisciplinary and Special Programs (ISP) includes the following degree programs:

General Studies

Associate's degree program that enables students to complete the core education requirements for bachelor degree programs while customizing their path to meet individual and professional needs.

Individualized Degree Program

Enables students to work with their academic advisor to create a unique and customized (individualized) Bachelor’s degree program. Student must have completed at least 20 hours of college coursework to be eligible to start in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Liberal Studies

Enables students over 24 to earn their bachelor's degree by using broad educational experiences including accelerating progress through college level testing, integrating real-world experiences for alternative credit, and formal learning experiences.

Professional Studies

Enables students with a technical associate’s degree or at least 60 hours of completed work to add professionally focused courses from business, communications, leadership and more to their experience.


If you are interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree in Individualized Studies or Liberal Studies, we offer an Adult Access Award you may apply and possibly be eligible for:

Adult Access Award

The Adult Access Award was created to support 100% online students in University College aspiring to complete a bachelor's degree. To be eligible for this award you must be a new, incoming undergraduate student; must study 100% online; must enroll in Individualized Studies or Liberal Studies; must have a 2.25 GPA or higher; and you must fill out and submit an application to apply for this award. The award is for $500 per year (maximum $250/semester).

*This scholarship is renewable for up to two years based on the applicant pool. Applicants are reviewed upon receipt of scholarship application and award will show on eStatement if student is qualified.

Last Updated: 7/15/19