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GPA Hacks

Grade Recalculation

Students at UToledo may petition to have up to 18 hours excluded from GPA computation under the conditions set forth in this policy.

This works most effectively when recalculating an F grade and when the second grade is a B or higher.

Extra Credit Assignments

Just do it! Extra points can’t possibly hurt your grade and could make the difference between a C- and a C grade, or whether you pass the class. What have you got to lose!?

Supplemental Instruction

Peer Led Study/Review groups are available in many science subjects. Attending Supplemental Instruction sessions regularly has been proven to help students raise their grades in these challenging classes. More details.

Mix It Up

If your current methods aren’t getting the results you want, check-out the online study strategy, time management and note-taking resources and workshops available through the Learning Enhancement Center. You can even schedule an individual appointment to explore and try different methods of gathering and reviewing information.

Petition for Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness allows student to have all grades of C- or below removed from the cumulative GPA calculation. However, students must have had a three year absence from the University (two years if Military duty after enrollment) and complete a minimum of 24 hours with a 2.5 GPA and before being eligible to apply for it. This must be done prior to earning any undergraduate degree.

Class Withdrawal

If all other possibilities have been explored and you will fail a class, withdrawal may be an option to consider. You can withdraw through the end of the 10th week of classes in fall and spring (different dates in summer). Use the extra time you would have spent on the withdrawn class to work on your remaining classes. Check with your Academic Advisor and Student Financial Aid before withdrawing about potential impacts.

Benchmark It!

Set your goals for each class and benchmark your performance against them. As you complete each assignment, test or post, are your grades increasing, decreasing, or staying the same? What are three things that you can try to change the outcome?

Talk with Your Professor

Your professor created the class you are taking and has years of experience with the material. When you approach your professor, be as specific as you can about your concerns and questions. Try to pinpoint the specific things that you are struggling with and ask whether there are other approaches you can try. Ask for any suggestions about helpful resources and strategies for breaking the material down to more manageable sections.

Form a Study Group

Talk to other students in your class about creating a study group. To make the best use of your time, have each person attempt to explain a concept to the group, or be responsible for covering a specific group of terms or study problems at each session. Whatever you cannot figure out together, approach your professor or teaching assistant for help in solving.

Last Updated: 3/7/23