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Information Commons Policies

The Information Commons supports the individual and collaborative learning and academic work of the University of Toledo community. Individuals using the Information Commons must follow the policies of University Libraries.


General Policies Computer Policies Instructional & Room Policies



The University of Toledo Libraries have instituted some policies in order to preserve our collection and ensure that the library is a safe and comfortable environment for all of our patrons.  We ask that you be considerate of your fellow library users and abide by the following rules.  Some locations, services, and collections may have particular policies governing their use.  The University of Toledo Libraries, its collections and facilities, are available to everyone, including visitors. However, between midnight and 7:30am, Thursday through Sunday, you will need to use your UT Rocket ID card in the card swipe at the South entrance to gain access to the building.  We enforce the University’s policy that children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult and making bona fide use of the library’s collections. 

Cell Phones  

Cell phone ringers must be turned off or set to vibrate within the building.  Cell phones may be used in the elevator lobbies on the lower level, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors and the concourse area away from the Information and Circulation Desks.  


The Information Commons is a research, study, and collaborative work environment. It is NOT a quiet study area. Conversation is acceptable as long as it does not disturb other library patrons. Head phones and laptop audio features should be kept low so as not to disturb patrons. If you wish to listen to audio, please provide your own head phones.


When patron questions cannot be addressed by the Information Commons staff in a timely manner, referrals will be made to appropriate sources such as subject specialists, professional staff, the Information Technology Help Desk, other campus units, online resources, or other libraries or organizations that can provide the needed information or assistance.  

Food, Drink, and Tobacco 

No food is allowed in Carlson Library. Drinks are allowed, but must be in covered containers.

The purpose of the food and drink policy is to aid in the preservation and care of library materials and electronic equipment, to maintain pest-free buildings, to reduce litter, and to ensure a clean environment for research and collaboration. Users are liable for any damage to library property caused by food or drinks.

Tobacco use is prohibited in all University buildings and smoking is prohibited within 30 feet of all buildings. 

Lost and found items may be turned in at the Circulation Desk. After approximately one week, uncollected items are taken to the University police station.

The posting of flyers, brochures, or advertisements is not permitted. Only library and Information Commons faculty and staff may post information in the Information Commons.



Most computers in the Information Commons are for the use of currently enrolled UT students, faculty, and staff members. Several computers are available for use by the general public. Most of the Information Commons workstations are available on a first come, first served basis. Priority for use is given to those conducting academic or course-related work. Downloading and installation of programs, software, etc., is not permitted. See University of Toledo computer policies.

Due to the public nature of libraries, individuals should demonstrate respect for individuals’ rights to privacy and freedom from intimidation or harassment. Users are asked to be sensitive to the fact that some on-screen images, sounds, or messages might create an atmosphere of intimidation or harassment for others.

Laptop Lending Service and Troubleshooting

Laptop computers may be checked out from the IT Help Desk for up to 3 hours. The laptops cannot leave the building or be checked out over night.   It is necessary to make preparations to save work in advance of closing time and to return laptop computers before closing time. Laptops must be returned to the IT Help Desk at least one hour before closing.

Information Technology staff will provide laptop computer support to assist users in connecting to the campus network, configuring standard tools, and basic trouble shooting as time permits. We do not guarantee the retrieval of lost data. Efforts will be made to locate and retrieve lost data as time permits.

Damaged or Lost Equipment or Hardware  

If you encounter a damaged computer, please notify the IT Help Desk staff immediately; they will try to address the problem or complete a trouble report for that workstation. Please note that you are responsible for any damaged or lost peripherals or equipment that you reserve.

Adaptive Technology Workstations 

The Information Commons provides four adaptive technology workstations. Priority use of the workstations shall be given to students with special adaptive technology needs who have registered with the Student Disability Services and have received training on the use of the technology. If an adaptive workstation is required by a student with special needs, Information Commons staff will ask non-registered users to relocate to other computers.

For more information, including assistance in learning how to use the adaptive technology, contact the Student Disability Services at 419.530.4981 (phone) or 419.530.2612 (TTY).  


Instructional Services

The University of Toledo instructional librarians provide instructional support to UT faculty and academic support to UT undergraduate and graduate students.  Through a comprehensive program of instruction, including library sessions, print and online instructional aids, and continual assessment, we strive to create collaborative relationships among our community.

Classrooms in the Information Commons are intended for courses, labs, and other instructional sessions that:

  • emphasize information literacy and the integration information sources into research and learning.
  • make extensive use of interactive teaching/learning methods, multimedia, and other computer-based source materials.

The University Libraries are committed to developing strong teaching partnerships with university faculty. Classrooms may be scheduled to teach information literacy, research, and computing instruction sessions with the aid of Information Literacy and Subject Specialty Librarians and/or Lab Support Group personnel. University faculty wanting to schedule these instructional facilities for the above purposes should contact our Information Literacy librarians.

We encourage university faculty to give 2 weeks notice for instruction in all classrooms. Instruction is available at the undergraduate and graduate level at any time during fall, spring, and summer sessions.

Faculty and Instructors: We provide services that will help your students meet your course learning objectives and become familiar with the information sources integral to the discipline.

Student Researchers: We can help you learn how to use the library and its resources in order to get the information you need for class assignments. 

Group Study Room Uses


Use of Group Study Rooms is for 2 or more people.

Use of study rooms is restricted to currently enrolled UT students.

These rooms must be occupied to retain use. 

If the room is unoccupied for more than 5 minutes, any belongings will be taken to the Circulation Desk and the room will be available for others to use.

Additional individual and group study space is available on the upper floors of Carlson Library.

Media Lab

 The Media Lab contains workstations installed with media production software. Patrons requiring the use of these multimedia workstations are given priority.

The media production areas are reserved for University-affiliated patrons.

You must comply with all Library-wide computer use policies.

You must provide your own digital media for storage. (e.g., floppy disks, CD-R/CD-RWs, or USB flash drives).

You should know how to use the equipment and software available. Information Commons Instructional Technology staff will help you with your computing questions. Library IT staff will also be on duty to provide basic assistance with the equipment and software.

You must always logoff the workstation when you are finished using it. Never shut the computer down. Never leave your session open for others to use!

Patrons who are not using the specialized multimedia software will be asked to move to the general computing areas.

Last Updated: 6/9/16