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Off-Campus Access

Many of the Libraries' services and collections are available to authorized users through the Internet.  On-campus users, and those using the Virtual Lab, should have seamless access to most collections, while off-campus users will have to authenticate by providing user information.  Our database licenses and subscriptions for our electronic resources only allow us to provide access to affiliated users (i.e., current faculty, staff, and students). 

On-line Circulation Services: 

You can use your Library Record  to

Use our ILLiad Service to

Accessing OhioLINK Resources

Most OhioLINK resources, such as the Research Databases and Electronic Journal Center, require you to authenticate with OhioLINK in order to gain access.  Any Research Database marked with the OhioLINK logo will require authentication.  You can authenticate here or when you are directed to when accessing OhioLINK resources.

Accessing other Electronic Resources

Some of our electronic resources, including some databases and electronic journals, are subscribed to directly by the University of Toledo, not all of OhioLINK.  These may be accessed through the UT Library Catalog record, just search the catalog for the title of the journal or database that you want to connect to.  A link will be provided in the full catalog record. 

Authorized Use:  Access to OhioLINK and other Library Resources

Access to OhioLINK and other library resources is governed by memoranda of understanding and licensing agreements with vendors. In general, remote access (such as from home and office) is granted to currently enrolled UT students as well as faculty, staff, and visiting scholars who are actively involved in instruction or research benefitting the University of Toledo. Remote access will be granted only for the period of time the individual is enrolled as a student, employed as a faculty or staff member, or are actively involved in research and/or instruction that benefits the university.

Some users may require access to be granted through specific procedures. These include:

College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, and College of Nursing volunteer faculty. These are health care providers who educate and supervise UT students in clinical settings. Access to library resources is granted through the Director of Faculty Affairs on the Health Science Campus by permission of the department chair, and is for the period of time of the volunteer faculty member's appointment.

Emeriti faculty. Emeriti faculty are retired faculty who have been granted this special title by their departments and deans. Not all retired faculty have emeritus status. Emeriti faculty must request that their chairs complete a form accessible from the library website ( which affirms the faculty members are actively engaged in education and/or research benefiting the university. Access is granted for a specific time period, and must be renewed each July 1.

Visiting scholars. Visiting scholars from other institutions who are in residence at the University of Toledo can request access through their chairs for the period of time they are actively engaged in instruction and/or research at the University of Toledo. Chairs must complete the form available at this address: ( Regardless of the time period for which the scholar is in residence, access will need to be renewed by the chair each July 1.

Contractors. Contractors doing work under the supervision of faculty (usually related to externally-funded research) may be granted access through their chairs for the period of time they are actively engaged in projects for the University of Toledo. Chairs must complete the form available at this address: ( Regardless of the time period for which the contractor is working on University of Toledo projects, access will need to be renewed by their chair each July 1.

Other patrons may access library electronic resources as walk-in patrons. Those patrons who are residents of Ohio can also request a free State Library of Ohio card that will allow them to have borrowing privileges for OhioLINK printed materials. To apply for the card, please complete the form at this address:

The following groups are not allowed remote access to library resources: retired faculty, retired staff, alumni, and those involved in for-profit ventures assisted by the university such as LaunchPad Incubator clients.

Patrons with questions concerning denial of remote access to OhioLINK and other library resources should contact the interim director of University Libraries at 419-530-2170.

Last Updated: 2/9/17