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The profession of social work is booming. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the employment of social workers is expected to grow 9% from 2021 to 2031, which is a faster than average growth rate than all other occupations. 

If you are looking for a meaningful career that includes helping people meet complex needs with a particular focus on those who may be oppressed, living in poverty, or who are vulnerable, then social work may be the right profession for you. People who are drawn to this profession want to make a difference not only in others' lives but in the world. With a bachelor's degree from The University of Toledo, we can help you develop the skills you need to become a change agent to help others.

The University of Toledo’s accredited Social Work degree program prepares students to become licensed social work professionals.

UToledo's Social Work students gain knowledge and skills in interviewing, recording, and working with culturally diverse populations. Undergraduates study social policy and human behavior, conduct research, and gain real-world experience through field placements in social service organizations.

Social work and social justice go hand-in-hand. Our program in the College of Health and Human Services is committed to the advancement of human rights and the achievement of social, economic, and environmental justice.

Top Reasons to Study Social work at UToledo

  1. Two mandatory internships.
    This field experience gives our students an edge in the job market. They graduate with 508 hours of field training.
  2. University Partnership Program.
    This statewide program provides additional training and stipends for undergraduates who plan to serve their communities as Child Protective Services social workers.
  3. Active social justice groups.
    • The Social Work program is in UToledo’s School of Social Justice, home to the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute. The institute operates the nation’s oldest academic conference on human trafficking. It organizes efforts at the local, state, federal and international levels to advocate for those affected by trafficking.
    • Fearless Writers is a social justice creative writing and research mentoring program collaborating with Toledo Public Schools and surrounding high schools.
  4. Strong faculty research.
    Many UToledo Social Work instructors have become experts in their research areas and offer related courses, including:
    • Addiction
    • Health care
    • Human trafficking
    • Immigration
    • Inter-professional collaboration
    • Latino community development
    • LGBT advocacy
    • Poverty
    • Therapeutic use of animals
    • Use of art in social work
  5. Opportunities outside the classroom.
    • The Student Social Work Organization is an active advocacy group of both BSW and MSW students.
    • Phi Alpha Honor Society provides a forum for networking and advocacy.
    • The social work program sponsors speakers and events for students to engage in social justice conversations and public service efforts.
  6. Accreditation.
    The University of Toledo BSW program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).
  7. Build on your degree.
    UToledo offers many minors that complement a Social Work degree: Criminal Justice, Women’s and Gender Studies, Disability Studies, and Business.


What jobs can I get with a social work degree?

Social workers help people cope with life challenges and can intervene at the individual, family, group, organization, and community levels. Social workers with a clinical specification can diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional problems. However, the social worker role falls into a variety of categories. These can include:

  • Child and family
  • School social work
  • Mental health and substance use
  • Gerontology
  • Healthcare
  • Child welfare
  • Forensic/criminal justice
  • Political advocacy
  • Non-profit organization

UToledo’s Social Work majors learn the professional skills to be change agents in the community to work in these settings.

They are prepared to:

  • Document their services in multiple formats
  • Facilitate group processes 
  • Lead advocacy efforts on behalf of their clients
  • Provide professional services at all levels of care
  • Work directly with clients in the field

Hands-On Learning Opportunities

At UToledo, we take you beyond the textbooks and the four walls of a classroom. These real-world experiences are what help our graduates gain professional skills and land jobs.


All Social Work undergraduates complete two required internships at community agencies. Seniors graduate with 508 hours of field experience. These internships help our students gain confidence and build their resumes.

Students are able to participate with a wide range of social work agencies among a rich network across the region that offer placements to our students.

UToledo's Social Work program assists students with these placements, as students do not have to seek out these opportunities by themselves.


UToledo is known for its undergraduate research opportunities. Start as early as your freshman year. Work with faculty who enjoy collaborating with students.

undergraduates received research funding (2022)
hours spent by undergraduates on research

Our Office of Undergraduate Research can:

  • Connect you to faculty mentors and projects
  • Help you find funding
  • Help you present your research at conferences and other events

Study Abroad

Travel, experience new cultures and meet new people — all while earning college credit.

UToledo's Education Abroad Office can help you find the perfect opportunity. You can apply for grants, scholarships and financial aid to help fund study abroad.

  • Semester at Sea
  • Short-term, summer and faculty-led trips
  • Direct exchange programs with other universities
  • Teach English abroad
  • Global health program (med student clerkships)
  • Rocket Kids (work with youth around the world)

Rocket Kids Semester

The Rocket Kids program offers University students a fall, spring or summer semester internship providing recreational programming to U.S. military youth while experiencing the world in locations such as Germany, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Rocket Kids interns will gain practical experience in programming, leadership, health and wellness, creative arts, performing arts, cultural and literary arts, team and individual sports, adventure and outdoor recreation and STEM education.

Learn more

On-campus and Part-time Jobs

  • Learn skills that prepare you for a career after graduation.
  • Build your resume.
  • Earn money.

If you want to work, there are plenty of opportunities on campus and at businesses near campus. If you demonstrate financial need, you may qualify for the federal work-study program.

Student Organizations

Our most successful students get involved.

UToledo has 400+ student organizations that will help you:

  • Make friends.
  • Build your resume.
  • Network.
  • Be a leader.
  • Serve your community.
  • Have fun!

Tuition and Scholarships

Most new students don't pay full price. 94% of new UToledo students receive scholarships or other state and federal aid.

Keep in mind: Your cost will vary by college, program and a host of other options. This is the average amount full-time students pay per year.

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Honors College

The Jesup Scott Honors College at The University of Toledo offer our best and brightest the resources and opportunities needed to unlock your fullest potential. Whether you aspire following graduation to cure disease, innovate technology, advance statecraft, redefine markets, or express creatively, together we can fuel vibrant and promising tomorrows.

Honors students come from a variety of countries, backgrounds and cultures. While we may bond over a tough class, our differences make us blossom.

Honors students talking with an Honors professor on the steps of the Toledo Museum of Art

Benefits of Honors

The Honors College is a community of academically gifted students from all majors on campus. Students take unique Honors classes taught by dedicated Honors faculty and complete an Honors thesis or capstone project in their major, earning the Honors medallion at graduation within their normal program of study. Honors students are challenged to think more deeply and broadly about what they learn. With special academic, cultural, and professional development opportunities, their education extends beyond the classroom.

Honors students can also choose exclusive housing in the Honors Academic Village or the historic McKinnon, Scott and Tucker Halls.

Explore more about what the Honors College can offer you as a budding professional, inquisitive scholar, and engaged person.






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