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Overview of Program

Rocket Kids is a newly-designed experiential learning program housed in the Judith Herb College of Education providing educational development and recreational programming to the United States Army’s children and youth in Europe. Rocket Kids interns are able to participate in a fall, spring or summer term and provide services to our U.S. military youth while experiencing the world in locations such as Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Netherlands! If you are a U.S. citizen enrolled at a U.S. college or university, you may be eligible.  Don’t wait; apply today!




Who are Rocket kids?

Rocket Kids interns are U.S. college students, recent graduates, and professionals interested in working with children and serving the people who serve our country, providing services to U.S. military members’ children while experiencing the world.

Rocket Kids Recruiting

Join a Rocket Kids program as a semester off, during a gap year, or after graduation.

Where are Rocket Kids Interns Placed?

Rocket Kids interns are placed at U.S. military bases with groups of children based on age:   CDCs (Child Development Centers--for infants and children up to preschool age), SACs (School Age Care Centers--for kindergartners through fifth grade), and sixth graders and up.  Rocket Kids applicants may request to work with a preferred age group, but the final placement decisions are made by the Rocket Kids administrative team.


2023-2024 Rocket Kids


Rocket Kids Locations

In 2023-2024, Rocket Kids interns were placed in nine locations in Europe.  As a Rocket Kids applicant, you can request a country, but final placements are made by the Rocket Kids administrative team.  Click the countries below to learn more.







Year-Round Opportunities

Rockets Kids programs run year-round.  There are five departure dates to suit your schedule.


Departure Date

Return Date


early June


Fall Session 1



Fall Session 2



Spring Session 1

early January


Spring Session 2


early June

rocket kids mission

Rocket Kids Logo

The mission statement of Rocket Kids is Fueling Your Tomorrow." This involves exploring one's creative possibilities and sparking intellectual curiosity.  

Rocket Kids will enable college and university students to "fuel their tomorrows" by participating as interns in recreational youth work programs designed to aid in the healthy development of children.

Rocket Kids training and singingEvery student accepted to be a part of Rocket Kids will be enrolled in the Rocket Kids Staff Development Program.  Student placement is contingent upon acceptable completion of the Rocket Kids Staff Development Program.  The Rocket Kids Staff Development Program will be a transformational learning experience focused on the child and youth development setting. Students will learn Rocket Kids program values, leadership and program development skills, and knowledge associated with child and youth development.  Students will gain practical experience in programming and leadership, health and wellness, creative arts, performing arts, cultural and literary arts and drama, team and individual sports and athletics, adventure and outdoor recreation, STEM, and character education.  Every student will learn the necessary skills to effectively guide children and youth on a daily basis. 

Rocket Kids is an affordable option for an international experience. The cost to participate in the program will vary slightly based on each student, as the program costs are directly related to items each students needs. For example, if a student already has a passport, there is no need to purchase a new passport. The average cost for a student participant is between 1000 and 1500 dollars.

Rockets Kids in airportExpenses are approximated below:

$500 Tuition for 12 credit hours (3 hours prior to departure and 9 hours while in the field)  

$200 Uniform fees

$25-$100 Fingerprinting and Background Check Process

$160 Travel Insurance

$190 Expedited U.S. Passport 

$100 Certification in Adult/Pediatric CPR, First Aid, and AED 



Rocky signs autographs

Applications will be received through Rocket Kids. Applications will require a cover letter, employment history and relevant experience, and any current certifications (i.e., CPR, First Aid, Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting, student teaching certification), references, and official transcripts. Applicants will be screened to ensure they meet the following criteria:

  • must be at least 18 years old
  • must have United States citizenship
  • must have prior experience (employment or volunteer) working with children in a professional group setting
  • must have completed two full-time semesters at a college/university
  • must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.5 or better (4.0 scale) at a college/university that provides appropriate fields of study (i.e., early childhood education, recreation, youth development, education) or a field of study that relates to, and will achieve, the program’s objectives, have completed undergraduate studies in the area of assigned responsibilities (i.e., early childhood education, sports, recreation, education, recreation therapy, crafts, special education, or social programming), be a recent graduate (within 3 years) with a degree in the aforementioned areas or other related educational experience, or be a graduate student who is in a field of study that relates to, and will achieve, the Rocket Kids program’s goals and objectives
  • must be in good standing with home university's student conduct office
  • must possess and maintain ability to lift and carry up to 40 lbs., walk, bend, climb, stoop, and stand on a routine basis, both inside and outside, while being exposed to varied weather conditions

Final acceptance is determined based on favorable state, federal and student conduct record checks.

Rocket Kids training with van

Are you ready to Fuel Your Tomorrow?

Join Rocket Kids!

The steps below are a summary of the process to apply.  Once accepted, students will be provided detailed instructions on the paperwork process.

  1. Interest Form  
  2. Interview
  3. Application Step 1
  4. Apply as a guest to UToledo (if not a UToledo student)
  5. Paperwork Step 2
  6. Background Check Process
  7. Paperwork Step 3

girl touching tip of Louvre pyramid

  • Build your resume
  • Gain experience with children and youth
  • Engage in a variety of cultural experiences in other countries
  • Housing, travel and living stipend provided
  • Earn college credit
  • Network with one of the largest employers, United States Military
  • Serve the families of United States Military  


MY experience

Aliya Young


“I had an incredible experience traveling and serving kids around the world.  The life experiences I gained along with the different cultures I was trenched in gave me a whole new perspective of my world.  This was an opportunity of a lifetime, getting to travel, meet new people, gaining new experience all while earning college credit and furthering my career.“

                                                                                                        - Aliya Young



"It was an amazing experience traveling to different countries.  I always wanted to travel and the people I met in Stuttgart were helpful.  I visited Miyajima Japan and that was an eye-opening experience too.  The culture, food and people are things that I will never forget.  This just validated my desire to work with children as a career.  I would recommend this to everyone wanting to work with children and travel at the same time."   

- Sarah Walter

Sarah Walter



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