Office of Assessment, Accreditation and Program Review

The University Assessment Committee Members

2022 – 2023   

Holly Monsos – Chair                      College of Arts and Letters

Lori DeShetler -- Vice Chair           College of Medicine and Life Sciences

Shelly Drouillard                               Division of Student Affairs

Matthew Franchetti                        College of Engineering

Terribeth Gordon-Moore             Neff College of Business and Innovation

Brian Kuhn                                          Office of the Registrar

Ed Lingan                                             College of Arts and Letters

Jolene Miller                                      University Libraries

Shery Milz                                           College of Health and Human Services

Julie Murphy                                      College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Shannon Neumann                         University College

John Plenefisch                                 College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Susan Pocotte                                    College of Nursing

Patricia Relue                                     College of Engineering

Michelle Schroeder                         College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Bob Schultz                                         Jesup Scott Honors College

Lei Song                                               University College

Jackie Thompson                              Judith Herb College of Education

Tia Tucker                                            Academic Support Services

Rebecca Zietlow                               College of Law

TBD                                                        Faculty Senate Core Curriculum

Alana Malik                                         Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Program Review

Scott Molitor                                      Office of the Provost

Angela Paprocki                                Office of the Provost

Last Updated: 1/22/24