The University of Toledo Admission

College Credit Plus Admission Requirements

  • Cumulative high school GPA requirements 
    • 3.0 or higher unweighted high school GPA — You may apply without test scores.
    • 2.75-2.99 unweighted high school GPA — You may apply without test scores but are subject to further academic review.
    • 2.5 or higher high school GPA and minimum test scores on ACT, SAT or Accuplacer tests in English, Reading and Math
    • Students may need to submit transcripts/ report card if their school does not generate a grade point average (GPA)
Cumulative GPA Definition

The average of all grades earned in a student's academic career, from the beginning of their studies until the present time. This includes all courses taken, whether passed or failed.

  • Submit transcripts (high school students) or report cards (7th and 8th grade students). Home-schooled students must submit an official, signed and dated transcript of courses taken (and those in progress), related grades and official ACT and/or SAT scores.
  • Minimum test scores
    If you are required to submit test scores, you must have the following minimum test scores in English, Math and Reading on the ACT, SAT or Accuplacer test (required for grades 7-12). If you haven’t taken the ACT or SAT, you can take Accuplacer tests through UToledo
    • English
      • ACT: 18
      • SAT: Evidence-based Reading and Writing 480
      • Accuplacer: Writing 263 or Writeplacer 5
    • Reading 
      • ACT: 22
      • SAT: Evidence-based Reading and Writing 480
      • Accuplacer: 250
    • Mathematics 
      • ACT: 22
      • SAT: 530
      • Accuplacer: Advanced Algebra and Functions 263

Each student’s application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. GPA, curriculum, rigor of courses and recommendation of the school administrator may be considered for a final admission decision. 

Additional Requirements

Are you home schooled or do you attend a non-public school?

After you’ve been admitted to UToledo’s CCP program, you must request and receive funding from the state before you’re permitted to register for courses.

To apply for funding

  • Your parent or guardian must open an Ohio ID account with the Ohio Department of Education. Allow a few business days for the account to activate.
  • Log into your account and request access to the CCP funding application. Applications are usually available in early February.
  • Complete the Intent to Participate section. Deadline: April 1 each year. 
  • Complete the funding application. Request the number of credit hours you’d like to take. Upload proof of admission — your acceptance letter from UToledo. Deadline: April 1 each year.

April 1 is a hard deadline. No exceptions or extensions.

You will receive a defined amount of funding for CCP courses. If you take additional courses and exceed that amount, you will be responsible for paying the extra costs.

Placement Tests

Take placement test(s) as required if you’re registering for chemistry, math or foreign language courses. 

Placement test information 

Selective service

Males must register for selective service on their 18th birthday. If UToledo does not have verification that you are registered for selective service, you will be billed out-of-state fees for all classes you have taken as a College Credit Plus student. You can register for selective service online or through your area post office.

UToledo Selective Service information 

Last Updated: 2/5/24