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Next Steps

1. Set up your myUT account.

Your welcome email and letter will include your Rocket number and directions on how to set up your myUT account

It may take a few hours for your myUT account to fully activate. If it isn’t working by the next day, call 419.530.3005.

MyUT is your main communication channel with the University. Check it frequently for notices, to-do tasks and account/registration information. Your Rocket email is activated when you set up your myUT account.

In myUT, you will:

  • Order your Rocket ID card. Pick up your ID in the ID Center (419.530.5842/5843), located in the lower level of the Student Union.
    NOTE: You may see a charge for your ID on your account. The fee is waived for CCP students and will be removed.
  • Check your student account. Most CCP students won’t have charges. But you may have parking fees or course material fees (for home school students). UToledo does not send out bills. It’s your responsibility to check “My Account” in myUT and pay promptly to avoid late fees. If you have a balance in your account when classes start, call 419.530.3005. 

2. Contact your CCP success coach.

You will receive an introductory email from your success coach with a request to meet virtually, in person or by phone. Your coach can answer all your questions, help you figure out what courses to take and more.

3. Complete the required CCP orientation.

We will send a message to your Rocket email with a link to orientation. Complete the online module at your convenience before you register for classes.

4. Choose your classes.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to work with your CCP success coach and school counselor as you select courses. They can help you see the big picture and how your course selection can affect your high school and college careers.

CCP courses

5. Register for classes.

We will remind you of when you can register for courses. You also may check the registrar’s website for dates and deadlines. Your registration date is dependent on how many earned credit hours you have.

How to register for classes

6. Submit a copy of your class schedule to your school counselor.

When accessing your schedule in myUT, make sure you’re looking at your current term and schedule. Contact your success coach if you have trouble finding your schedule.

7. Speak with your school CCP representative about books.

All required books will be provided. But each school has its own process for how they do that.

Some schools will buy them for you. Some have accounts set up at the UToledo bookstore and ask you to order them. Check with your school counselor or school CCP administrator.


  • Public school students: School pays for books.
  • Private school students: Schools are not required to pay for your books, although some do.
  • Home school students: Must purchase your own books. 

Shipping/Pick up

  • Do you live more than 25 miles from UToledo? Your books will be shipped to you if your school has established an account with the campus bookstore.
  • Do you live within 25 miles of UToledo? You may be required to pick up your books at UToledo’s official bookstore, Barnes & Noble (1430 Secor Rd.)

Book return policy

Your school or district administrators will determine the book return policy specific to your school. If you withdraw from the CCP program and have received your books, they must be returned to your high school.

Purchased books must be returned to your school at the end of the semester. Rental books must be returned to the bookstore by the mandatory return date.

8. Buy a parking pass, if necessary.

If you are attending class on campus, you’ll need a parking pass. Permits are required at all times in campus parking lots.

As a CCP student, you may:

You will have to figure out which is most cost effective for you based on how often you’ll be coming to campus.

UToledo Parking Information and Maps

Are you home schooled or do you attend a non-public school?

After you’ve been admitted to UToledo’s CCP program, you must request and receive funding from the state before you’re permitted to register for courses.

To apply for funding

  • Your parent or guardian must open an OH|ID account with the Ohio Department of Education. Allow a few business days for the account to activate.
  • Log into your account and request access to the CCP funding application. Applications are usually available in early February.
  • Complete the Intent to Participate section. Deadline: April 1 each year. 
  • Complete the funding application. Request the number of credit hours you’d like to take. Upload provide proof of admission — your acceptance letter from UToledo. Deadline: April 1 each year.

April 1 is a hard deadline. No exceptions or extensions.

You will receive a defined amount of funding for CCP courses. If you take additional courses and exceed that amount, you will be responsible for paying the extra costs.


You probably have lots of questions about what you can expect as you start CCP classes. Your success coaches will be your resource. 

Their three biggest tips:

  1. Read your syllabus so you know what to expect in class.
  2. Review the academic calendar and deadlines for your class.
  3. Know how you earn your grade. Is your grade based on attendance, assignments, exams, discussion or a combination?


UToledo does not send you mid-term grades or grade cards. If you are taking classes online or in person on campus, you will be able to check grades via Blackboard, our online course management system. You also can check with your instructor or professor. Do not call your Success Coach for your grades. It is UToledo’s policy not to give grades out over the phone.

UToledo is required by state law to send final grades for each student taught by a University faculty member to their high school at the end of each semester. We automatically send official transcripts at the end of each term.

Class attendance

You are required to attend all class sessions. Contact your professor if you are going to miss a class. If your absence will be extended, contact your success coach as well as your professor.

Keep in mind that if your high school is not in session because of conferences, fog/snow days, spring break, etc., The University of Toledo may still be open. You are expected to attend your UToledo classes on those days.

Academic support

As a CCP student, you have access to all the academic support services UToledo offers, including: 

  • Learning Enhancement Center — free tutoring in various subjects and more.  
  • Writing Center — Meet with a writing tutor who can help you generate ideas, organize notes and thoughts, and give feedback on drafts or completed papers
  • Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources — If you have accommodations, they are not automatically transferred to UToledo. You will need to register with the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources.

Learn about other academic support services 


Check your UToledo email often. Along with myUT, it’s how the University communicates with you. You can check your email by logging into myUT and clicking on the Rockets Email link on the right in the "Email and UTAD Account" section. Contact our IT Help Desk for help sending email messages directly to your phone. 

How to use Blackboard

Blackboard is the system UToledo uses for its online courses — your virtual classroom. Consult our Blackboard toolkit to learn the ins and outs of Blackboard, make sure your computer is compatible and troubleshoot issues.

Technical glitches

UToledo Online provides support and can help troubleshoot problems.

Navigating campus

We know it might be confusing at first to figure out where to park, where your classrooms are and how to find your way around campus. Check out our webpage for CCP students who are taking classes on campus.

Contacting instructors and professors

We encourage you to get to know your professors. Faculty members are required to hold office hours, either virtually or in person — set hours during the week then they're available for students. Drop in during office hours or make an appointment when it’s convenient for you.

Review College Credit Plus program details, do’s and don’ts and reminders.

A UToledo student shopping for Rocket gear


Don’t forget to buy your UToledo swag. 

Shop Rocket Gear 

Just for Parents and Guardians

CCP is a great opportunity for your student. But it also can be a bit scary. We want our students to be independent and to advocate for themselves. Yet the stakes are high. 

Here are a few tips from our success coaches on how you can help your student succeed:

  • Have frequent conversations with your student. Ask them what’s going on in class, what assignments they have coming up. This can help them stay on track.
  • Look at the course syllabus and course schedule together. There is a lot of information in a syllabus. Make sure your student understands what is expected of them. 
  • Make sure your student has all the necessary books and course materials.
  • If you notice or suspect issues, contact a success coach as soon as possible so we can support your student.

NOTE: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, UToledo cannot release sensitive information about your student (grades, courses taken, student account information, etc.) to you or any third party. Your student can allow us to speak with you by signing the FERPA consent form in myUT. The form is under “My Records.” Click on “Update Directory Information/Release Status.”

Last Updated: 10/6/22