Department of Communication


In addition to a liberal arts education, aiming to help our students develop disciplined critical thinking and analysis, we also provide excellent opportunities for hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment. From our studios, editing bays and control room in Rocket Hall to the computer labs across campus, we provide Communication students with the software and technology they need to apply their learning experientially.

Whether it's the latest software, or a new broadcast-quality digital television camera, our facilities and equipment fill the need of today's communication students pursuing today's technology-driven careers. In our program, students learn by doing - writing, shooting, editing and recording. Our equipment, hardware, software, and studios provide the up-to-date resources to allow our students to build the skills they'll need to succeed in the workplace. 

Recording in the UT 10 broadcast studioIn the 40' x 40' television studio
2 production sets 
1 10'x10' Green Screen for Live Chroma Key
3 HD Studio Cameras - Hitachi SK-HD1000s with teleprompters
1 Sony EX3 XDCam (studio config) high-definition camera
3 Cartoni Studio Camera Pedestals
On-set Monitors: 4 Sony Bravia 42" LCD HD Monitors
Production Monitors:  3 Sony Bravia 32" LCD HD Monitors
In the control room
Ross Vision MD-X (1.5 M/E) HD Production Switcher
360 Systems ImageServer-2400HD 4-Channel Video Server
Ross Blackstorm HD Server
Abekas MXC1 Clipstore
Sony PDW-HD500 XDCam Disc Recorder/Player (HD)
Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Pro
1 Sony DVCam Video Tape Recorder/Players (SD)
Harris Inscriber G-Scribe 2-Channel Character Generator
Soundcraft Series-II 24-Channel Audio Console
EZnews networked Newsroom Scripting Software & Teleprompter
Monitors:  Evertz Multi-Source monitoring on 2 Sharp 46" & 1 Sony 32" LCD HD Monitors
recording the football gameElectronic News Gathering (ENG)
Cameras - 2 Sony PMW-EX1R XDCam HD ENG Broadcast Cameras with Sachtler tripods 
Camera - 1 Sony PMW-320K XDCam EX HD ENG Broadcast Cameras with Sachtler tripods
Editing - 5 Apple Final Cut Studio (FCP7) HD Editing Stations 
Scripting - EZnews networked Newsroom Scripting Software
In the radio production lab
On-Air Console: Soundcraft RM1ds 
2 Electro Voice RE-20 Microphones
Sony MDS-E11 Mini Disk Recorder/Player
Tascam SS-SDR1 CD-R and Compact Flash (wav) recorder
Hard Disk Recorder/Editor/Player: 360 Systems Shortcut Editor 2000
Sony Compact Disk Players/Recorder
DigiDesign Protools/M-box/Mac Platform audio editing software running on an iMac
Technics MKII turntable
Audio Effects: Yamaha SPX 900
Tape Recorders: Tascam Cassette Deck, 1/4" Reel to Reel
working in the edit bayAt 6 of our digital video edit stations
6 iMacs running Final Cut FCP X
1 Digital Juice Miniburst Kit 
1 Lowel Rifa Soft Kit
2 Canon EOS5D MKii w/ 24-74mm f2.0 zoom lens2 - Canon EOS6D w/ 24-74mm f2.0 zoom lens
2 Sachtler Ace Tripods
At 3 of our digital video edit stations
3 iMacs running Final Cut FCP X
2 Arri/Lowel Portable light kits with diffusers and gels 
2 Canon EOS6D w/ 24-74mm f2.0 zoom lens
2 Sachtler Ace Tripods
In our three computer labs  
Computers: iMacs
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Power Point, Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver, FCPX
Digital Camera: Fuji, Epson, Kodak
In our mobile computer lab
10 MacBook Pros, 10 MacBook Airs, Epson Projector, Fostex Speaker, Bretford Cart
Last Updated: 6/27/22