Department of Communication

Internship Information

The Department of Communication Internship Program is designed to enrich a student's classroom activities and help the student gain real-world experience. Many employers look for potential workers who've had favorable critiques of their internships, and many offer their interns full-time employment after they graduate. Internships are available in a variety of media companies and corporate communication offices. In a professional environment, students gain insight and knowledge in such areas as broadcasting, journalism, public relations, online & social media, magazine, corporate communication, event planning, and other areas relevant to the major. An internship is a great opportunity to test your knowledge and skills.



    • Must be a current Communication Studies or Media Communication Major or Minor.  If you need to change your status, please contact Lisa Bollman, Academic Advisor at or 419-530-4436.
    • Must have accumulated at least ??? credit hours.
    • Must have a minimum ????? GPA (overall or in the major???).


Students are responsible for finding their own internships. Various resources are available to students looking for internships:

    • Students can search for internships on the UToledo job board, Handshake.
    • Students can also visit the UToledo Career Services page.
    • Internship opportunities are posted periodically on the Department of Communication's Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as on the job board in the Department at Rocket Hall, 1400.


If you've already secured your internship, Congratulations!  The following is a brief overview of eligibility and requirements to gain academic credit for an internship.

The maximum number of credit hours of internship that will count toward your degree is 6 credits.  The number of credits you register for depends on how much time you spend at your internship.

    • 40 hours of time = 1 credit
    • 80 hours of time = 2 credits
    • 120 hours of time = 3 credits
    • 160 hours of time = 4 credits
    • 200 hours of time = 5 credits
    • 240 hours of time = 6 credits

Internship is graded on a Pass No Credit basis. To earn credit, you will need to complete the Internship agreement form here; you will need to keep track of the hours you spend at the internship on a time sheet here.  Finally, I have attached the syllabus for the internship class.  The syllabus says Spring 2021,but the assignments are the same.  I suggest you complete the documentation and the assignments while you are interning.  You will need to submit the assignments to Department of Communication Internship Coordinator, Eleanor Kostecki at or 419-351-4001. 


Last Updated: 6/27/22