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The Department of Communication Internship Program is designed to enrich a student's classroom activities and help the student gain real-world experience. Many employers look for potential workers who've had favorable critiques of their internships, and many offer their interns full-time employment after they graduate. Internships are available in a variety of media companies and corporate communication offices. In a professional environment, students gain insight and knowledge in such areas as broadcasting, journalism, public relations, online & social media, magazine, corporate communication, event planning, and other areas relevant to the major. An internship is a great opportunity to test your knowledge and skills. All communication students are encouraged to apply.

The following is a brief overview of eligibility and requirements to gain academic credit for an internship. Further information can be found in the syllabus.

Internship Eligibility

A student will be eligible for internship credit if they. . .
1. Have completed more than 60 course credits overall.
2. Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the major and a minimum overall grade point average of 2.75.
3. Have no outstanding Incomplete or In Progress grade.
4. Meet the qualifications of the job description.
5. Meet with and gain approval from the internship director prior to starting the internship.

Additional information and requirements

1. Students must work 40 hours per semester to equal one hour of internship credit. Therefore, a 3 credit hour internship requires 120 hours during a semester.
2. A maximum of 6 credit hours of internship is applicable toward a student's degree.
3. Students must keep a daily or weekly log specifying hours worked and tasks completed.
4. During the first week of the internship, a list of objectives and goals is compiled and agreed upon by the student and the supervisor. This form is signed by both parties and returned to the department.
5. The student will write up a 2-5 page (1,200 - 1,500 word) reflection of the internship experience and submit their daily or weekly log. The student should state the duties fulfilled and an evaluation of the internship as a learning experience. This report will be turned into the internship director during the last week of classes.
6. The student must arrange for a written report from their supervisor or employer to be sent to the internship director. The report must evaluate whether the terms of the contract have been met. It should also include a statement of the student's strengths and weaknesses and overall satisfaction from the standpoint of the organization.
7. Failure to complete these requirements will result in a grade of not completed, "NC," for the internship.

 Review the syllabus for further information.

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Internship opportunities are posted periodically on the Department of Communication's Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Students can search for internships on Handshake. Students can also visit the Career Services page.


Last Updated: 12/18/19