Department of Economics

Undergraduate Research

The faculty of the Economics Department has an outstanding record of working with individual undergraduate students. We provide the opportunity for such students to gain research experience under faculty guidance. The economics department currently has available undergraduate research grants from the Shapiro Scholarship Fund to award to undergraduate economics majors interested in research projects. Also, our undergraduate students have received funding (up to $3,000) from the university to conduct such research projects. Being involved in such projects is extremely advantages when applying to graduate schools or when seeking a job in industry.

Research topics can be theoretical analysis, empirical analysis or both. Further options regarding the level of research are available as the department offers both junior and senior level courses: Econ 3900, 3910, 4910 and 4920. (Students may enroll in these courses more than once.) A student interested in conducting research for credit needs to register for one of those four courses with the consent of a faculty member who agrees to direct the student's research. However, if they do, they are encouraged to work with different faculty members to obtain more diverse research experiences.

Last Updated: 6/27/22