Department of Economics

Department of Economics: Undergraduate Programs

Our program consists of a set of core courses in economic theory and statistics, plus electives of the student's choice. Both macroeconomics (the study of a national economy) and microeconomics (the study of individual markets) comprise a body of consistent theory. The specific contents of our macroeconomic and microeconomic courses are prescribed by professional standards and are consistent with such courses offered at other colleges and universities across this country. Field courses, such as labor or monetary economics, illustrate applications of theories taught in our macroeconomic and microeconomic courses.

The major then learns statistical techniques to test these applications. The ability to analyze economic data in consistent, precise and understandable terms gives our majors an ideal background for many kinds of business, government, legal and academic careers.

Beyond the required courses, the choice of courses is intentionally wide and numerous programs are possible. Each program is tailored to individual student needs and career objectives.

See the required courses for the B.A. degree, Honors in Economics, and a Minor in Economics.

 Moreover, the Department of Economics and the College or Arts & Letters also offers a new interdisciplinary major in Data Analytics. Please see Dr. Kevin Egan, the data analytics advisor to learn more.

Last Updated: 5/12/20