Department of Economics

Undergraduate Programs: Economics Major

Economics majors are required to take a total of 30 credit hours in economics and are required to take the following courses (15 credit hours):

Economics Courses (or their equivalent)
1) Econ 1150 Principles of Macroeconomics
2) Econ 1200 Principles of Microeconomics
3) Econ 2810 Introduction to Econometrics
4) Econ 3150 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
5) Econ 3200 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
Economics Electives
15 hours, chosen in consultation with the undergraduate advisor
Additional Courses
Two Statistics course options:
Math 2600 Introduction to Statistics
or BUAD 2060 Data Analysis For Business
Four Calculus course options:
Math 1730 Calculus with Applications to Business and Finance
or Math 1850 Calculus I
or Math 1750 Math for Life Sciences
or Math 1920 Honors Calculus I and II
  • Majors are encouraged to meet the mathematics and statistics requirements at an early stage of their course work.
  • In the major area, 21 hours are to be taken under the regular grading system; the P/NC option is available for the remaining 9 hours and for all related courses.
  • The department will award credit after reviewing the advanced placement tests. Students with a score of 3, 4, or 5 will receive credit for Econ 1150 if the macroeconomics portion of the test was taken and Econ 1200 if the microeconomics portion of the test was taken.
  • Plan of study for Economics major is located here
Last Updated: 10/30/19