Interdisciplinary Studies


Degree Requirements

This program is a major that totals approximately 60 hours. It is designed for the student who wishes to gain a broad knowledge of the humanities. The student elects, with faculty advisement, a variety of courses from such disciplines as literature, history, philosophy, art, music and theater. A representative distribution from among these disciplines must be achieved. The courses chosen must be culturally enriching and broad in scope.

The core of the humanities electives will total approximately 30 hours. In addition to the core, the student chooses either to concentrate in an interrelated area (such as medieval studies, Renaissance studies, contemporary humanistic studies, or comparative ancient and modern studies) or to continue an elective spread of courses among the humanities disciplines. Either track consists of approximately 22 additional upper-division hours. The Humanities program culminates in a senior seminar, HUM 4950 and 4960, in which the student will develop a creative/research project.

Last Updated: 6/27/22