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Urban Studies

Degree Requirements

The Urban Studies program, totaling 48 credit hours, is an interdepartmental major with emphasis on urban-oriented courses in economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Its purpose is to provide a broadly based educational foundation for understanding the impact and scope of urbanization so that students will be suitably educated to pursue graduate or professional academic programs or to assume positions in urban-related employment.

The following course work is required:

  • One core course from each of these five fields (15 hours): ECON 3600; GEPL 3710; HIST 3270 or 3280; PSC 3310; SOC 2410, 4440 or 4450
  • Four additional core courses from those listed (12 hours): ECON 4050; GEPL 4530, 3460; HIST 3250, 3400, 3410; PSC 2300; SOC 3600, 3640
    4340, 4610
  • One course in statistics (3 hours): ECON 2640, PSC 3110 or SOC 3290.4
  • Courses in fields related to Urban Studies (18 hours)

For complete degree requirement details, visit the University catalog requirements webpage or contact Dr. Patricia Case, the program's director.

Urban Studies Degree Requirements

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