College of Arts and Letters

Course Approval Procedure and Timeline

Process for proposing a course for WAC designation:

  • Review the information on the philosophy and pedagogy associated with writing across the curriculum available through the links on the WAC website to assure that the course you are proposing incorporates WAC principles and strategies.
  • Use the list of criteria to guide course and syllabus development.
  • Use the Course Information Management System to request approval for a course modification of an existing course, or a new course proposal.
  • Review the syllabus to assure that it contains the learning outcomes and that the calendar demonstrates how writing assignments, peer review, and reflection will be staged in the course.
  • The WAC committee will invite the faculty member submitting the proposal to meet with them to discuss their proposal before making a decision if they have any questions.


  • All proposals, for both new courses and existing courses being transformed to WAC, should be submitted through the curriculum management system in early spring to assure that it has been reviewed in time to be included in the next year's catalog. 
  • The WAC committee will review and report on all applications within two weeks of receipt.


  • Courses awarded the WAC designation will be identified in the catalog for students and advisors and reviewed on a regular basis to assure that they remain WAC.
  • Those responsible for entering course sections in Banner are also responsible for assuring that the WAC attribute is correctly entered for each course. This provision assures that students’ degree audits properly reflect the WAC credit they have earned.


Last Updated: 12/21/23