The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales

Post Baccalaureate Consultative Sales Certificate

The Post Baccalaureate Consultative Sales Certificate is 15 credit hours and can be completed in as little as one semester (going full time with select electives).

What is a Post Baccalaureate Certificate?

  • Non-degree offering
  • Classes show on your transcript
  • Classes do NOT count towards a degree

How Does a Post Baccalaureate Certificate Work?

Required Courses (9 Credit Hours)

PSLS 3440 Professional Sales (3 credit hours)
PSLS 3450 Sales Technologies and Strategies (3 credit hours)
PSLS 3080 Purchasing & Business Relationship Management (3 credit hours)

Elective Courses (6 Credit Hours, pick 2 courses)

PSLS 4710 Sales Force Leadership (3 credit hours)
MKTG 4540 Business Marketing (3 credit hours)
BUAD 3010 Principles of Marketing (3 credit hours)

Last Updated: 12/22/23