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John B. and Lillian E. Neff Department of Finance

The Finance Department offers concentrations in Corporate Finance and Financial Services leading to challenging careers in the business, government, and the non-profit sectors. Successful graduates in corporate finance will need strong analytical and presentation skills. Students with high GPAs have been placed with leading manufacturing and health care firms. Financial Services majors can work in investments, financial planning, real estate, insurance, and banking firms. Each Financial Services major is required to take a sales class to improve their interaction with clients. Each path offers its own unique set of challenges leading to satisfying careers.

Why UToledo's Finance Program

  • In addition to providing students with a broad background in financial management -- the lifeblood of any business -- UTOLEDO's program offers concentrated study opportunities in corporate finance, investment management, financial institutions and financial services.
  • Another major component of this exceptional program involves student interaction with accomplished professionals in the field of finance. Internship programs, which often lead into full-time employment opportunities following graduation, provide students with financial compensation as well as academic credit.
  • Many potential scholarships are available to qualified students, and there is a strong, active chapter of the Student Financial Management Association.
  • With rapid, dynamic changes occurring in domestic and international financial markets and institutions, the need for professional providers of financial services at many levels -- in financial planning, industry, and not-for-profit sectors continues to grow dramatically. Average entry-level salaries range from $40,000 to $50,000.


Clearly, choosing a college and program of study ranks among the most important, exciting decisions you'll ever make.
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At UTOLEDO you'll find a community of caring people who take you, your academic goals, and your life dreams seriously. After all, we want you to succeed! We want you at UTOLEDO!

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