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Each student may select up to two majors. The substitution of any courses for a major requires the written approval of the appropriate Department Chair. No more than one independent study/research paper (three hours) may be taken in lieu of a course to fulfill a specialization requirement, and no more than one course will be allowed to count towards two majors in the M.B.A. program.

MBA students can choose from the following nine majors:

  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Public Health Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems
  • Leadership
  • Marketing: Marketing Management or Professional Sales
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management

All MBA Majors and Courses


The Plan of Study serves two main purposes. By defining a student’s course of study, it provides focus and direction to his or her graduate degree program and it constitutes an agreement that successful completion of the proposed course of study and the general degree requirements will result in the awarding of the degree.

Each student working for a degree is required to file a Plan of Study with the College of Graduate Studies prior to the completion of 12 credit hours. This plan must be approved by the Advisor, the Program Chair and the Executive Associate Dean before being submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

It is understood that the first “Plan of Study” filed by a student may be subject to change as he/she progresses. However, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the College of Graduate Studies of any changes to an approved plan of study. According to the University of Toledo General Catalog, it is the policy that credit applied towards the master’s degree must have been earned within the period of six years immediately preceding the time the degree is awarded.

View a blank plan of studyView the MBA program planning guide


You, as a student, are in charge of your own registration and scheduling of courses. You are responsible for:

  • registering early to get the courses you want
  • attending all courses for which you have registered
  • arranging payment plans
  • dropping or withdrawing in a timely way to avoid being billed for classes you do not intend to take

View registration dates, refund periods and tuition due datesView registration guidelines


For MBA, MSA and EMBA students in the College of Business and Innovation, the Business and Career Programs Office has been developed as a resource for those entering into today's job market or for those wanting to fine-tune their existing resume.

Knowing how to search for a job effectively can be as important as the specific qualifications required for the position. Studies show you can significantly increase your chances of finding the right job and getting hired by developing your network, researching employers and targeting those employers that are a good match with your skills, interests and experiences.

Services available include:

  • Successful transition into your career after graduation
  • Career exploration services
  • Understand the hidden job market and how to conduct an effective search
  • Resume reviewing, rebuilding and fine-tuning
  • Discover the skills and aptitudes that you already have and how to further develop those skills for a new job and/or a career change
  • Basic interviewing strategies including active listening, reading body language, and appropriate questions/answers to commonly asked interview questions


The University of Toledo Authentication Domain (UTAD) is a single username to authenticate systems and services access such as:

  • UToledo networks (wifi)
  • myUT portal
  • UToledo email
  • Computer labs
  • Help Desk
  • Other Integrated Applications

You will need to activate your UTAD to gain access to your myUT student portal.

Activate your UTAD account


**Currently, admission and advising services are available by phone or WebEx. Please consider calling ahead 419.530.5680 or scheduling an appointment directly with your Academic Advisor.

  • Why wasn't I waived from a Common Body of Knowledge course on my MBA Program Plan of Study? 
    In order to be waived from the Common Body of Knowledge courses, you must have earned a C or better in the undergraduate equivalents. The Graduate Programs Office, COBI makes the first round of decisions regarding waivers based on transcripts. It is not always possible to determine course content from the transcripts alone. If you think you should have been waived from additional courses, you have two options:

1. Request a course waiver. Send your request for a course waiver, and your official course description and syllabus, to Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate Department Chair for review, you will be contacted once a decision is reached.

2. Pass a proficiency exam. Call the appropriate academic department and ask to speak to the secretary to schedule an appointment to take a proficiency exam.

  • I am interested in replacing one of my Core Courses (BUAD 6000 level) since I had majored in the content area as an undergraduate student, what do I need to do?
    Work with your Academic Advisor to discuss your undergraduate degree to determine if you are eligible. Students who successfully completed 3 or more classes in a functional area at an AACSB-accredited university are eligible to replace the core class in that area with an elective from any one of the MBA offered majors. This does not decrease the number of credit hours needed to graduate. All MBA students must complete a minimum of 11 classes (33 credit hours) at the 6000-level.

  • How do I register for classes? 
    You can register for classes by logging on to the myUT portal with your UTAD username and password:

You can also register by going to Rocket Solution Central: 
Rocket Hall 1200 

  • How do I begin choosing which classes to take? 
    Please review the curriculum and major information under the current MBA students website under the MBA majors tab:

    Please note: The Foundation Courses (18 credits) consist of introductory graduate level business courses, and can be waived for students who earned a C or better in equivalent undergraduate courses. Students who are admitted and enroll in the MBA Program must take these classes at the graduate level. Once admitted to the MBA Program, we will not accept credit for equivalent classes that are taken at the undergraduate level.
  • How many classes should I take per semester? 
    Students who are working 20 hours or less per week typically take 3 - 4 classes (9 - 12 credit hours) each semester. Students who are working 40 or more hours per week typically take 1- 2 classes (3 – 6 credit hours) each semester. The Graduate Programs Office does not require students to take a minimum number of credit hours per semester. If you have federal student loans, please check with the Office of Student Financial Aid regarding minimum credit hour requirements. If you are attending classes on a student visa, please check with the Office of International Student Services regarding minimum credit hour requirements.
  • I am late registering for classes, what do I do?
    A student may add a course or register late through myUT within the first five calendar days of a new semester, excluding summer (which is prorated), without permission from the instructor as along as a seat is available. A late registration fee may be assessed to any student who registers on or after the 1st day of the part of term, please review the current finance brochure to assist with making an informed decision: .

    Students wishing to add a course between the 6th and 15th calendar days (inclusive) of a new term may do so with the instructor's permission as well as the Dean or designee from the student's College Office.  This request can be made via the Course Request Form submitted to Rocket Solution Central. Note: Forms submitted after the 15th day are considered void and will not be accepted.

  • Are most MBA classes offered during the day or at night? 
    Most MBA classes are offered in the evening. Several classes are also offered online each semester. Please see the course schedule posted on the Office of the Registrar’s website by semester for more specific information: 

  • Where can I find course descriptions? 
    You can find course descriptions as well as the updated catalog and handbooks on the Provost Office website click the University Catalog button and then the Course Descriptions are on the left side bar:

  • Why do I get a PREQ and TEST SCORE ERROR when I try to register for classes? 
    If you have been waived from some Common Body of Knowledge courses, you may get a PREQ and TEST SCORE ERROR when you attempt to register. This occurs because it is not always possible for our system to recognize undergraduate equivalent courses that were completed prior to being admitted to the MBA program. If you receive a PREQ and TEST SCORE ERROR for a class you are eligible for, and it is prior to the 6th day of the semester, please do one of the following:
    • Call Graduate Programs Office at 419.530.5680 and leave the following information:  Name, Rocket number, class(es) you are trying to add (e.g., BUAD 6100), and whether you are trying to register for Fall, Spring or Summer.
    • Send an email to with your Name, Rocket number, class(es) you are trying to add (e.g., BUAD 6100), and whether you are trying to register for Fall, Spring or Summer.

You will be contacted once the permit is entered into the system, you will need to take the action to register for the class. It is not possible for anyone in the Graduate Programs Office to register you for classes. 

  • What majors are available in the MBA program? 
    You can select any combination of electives and earn your MBA in Administration, or you can major in another area by taking the required electives outlined for that particular major (3-4 courses). Please visit the College of Business and Innovation Current MBA students’ page under the MBA Majors and Plan of Study tabs for more details: 
  • What if I want to change my major?
    Please send an email to indicating which major(s) you would like to pursue. The Graduate Programs Advisor will submit the request to the College of Graduate Studies on your behalf. You will need to sign an updated plan of study to confirm your new major(s).
  • Can I earn more than one major?
    Yes. It is possible to have two majors denoted on your official transcript.

  • Do I have to write a thesis? 
    No. A thesis is not part of the MBA program. BUAD 6900, Strategic Management Capstone, is designed to tie all the aspects of the program together, ideally in your final semester. 

  • What are the deadlines to add/drop classes? 
    Please see the Academic Calendar available at:

  • What happens if I need to withdraw from a class? 
    The deadline to withdraw from a class is available on the Academic Calendar: Students who decide not to attend or stop attending any or all classes for which they have registered must drop or withdrawal from the course(s).  Drops and withdrawals can be processed online through the myUT portal (provided there are no holds), and can also be processed at Rocket Solution Central (RSC) located in Rocket Hall, Room 1200 regardless of having a hold. Failure to drop or withdraw from a course for which a student has stopped attending may result in a grade of "F".

    Please note: Withdrawing from a course(s) will result in a grade of "W", “WP”, or “WF”, which will appear on your official transcripts.  Once a withdrawal is processed, it cannot be rescinded.  The grade of WP (withdrawal passing) or WF (withdrawal failing) will be assigned to the students who withdraw after the university established withdrawal period based on the status of the student at the time of the withdrawal. The grade of WP will not be included in the GPA calculations but a grade of WF indicates that the student’s work is unsatisfactory and will be included in the GPA calculations as a grade of “F”.

    Since withdrawn courses reduce your enrolled hours, withdrawing from courses may have an adverse effect on financial aid benefits, scholarships, loan deferments, athletic eligibility, health insurance, Veteran’s benefits, degree requirements, or other areas. If you are uncertain what effect withdrawing from the course(s) would have, it is recommended that you contact the appropriate department for guidance.

  • Is there a minimum grade I need to earn in each class? 
    Yes. You must earn a C or better in every required class on your MBA plan of study. If you earn a C- or below, you must take the class again. Also, you must maintain a minimum cumulative graduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher.

  • Who do I contact with questions about billing on my student account? 
    Please contact Rocket Solutions Central: Rocket Hall 1200, 419.530.8700, 

You can find the College of Business and Innovation Faculty under the “faculty” quick link on the COBI home page:

You can find the Graduate Programs Office staff contact information here:

  • What are the Graduate Programs Office hours of operation? 
    Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm. Extended hours will be offered during peak seasons to better serve you.

    ** Currently, admission and advising services are available by phone or WebEx. Please consider calling ahead 419.530.5680 or scheduling an appointment directly with your Academic Advisor.

  • Do I need a student ID card? 
    Yes. You will need a Rocket Card, the official UT identification card. Your Rocket Card gives you access to academic buildings, computer labs, the Student Recreation Center, the University Health Center and other services on and around campus. To get your Rocket Card, you will need to bring a valid picture ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport, etc.) to the Campus Community Support Services Office.

Campus Community Support Services Office 
Rocket Hall 1610 

  • How will I know when I am eligible to graduate? 
    We recommend that you keep track of all the classes you take, and grades you earn, by tracking these on your plan of study as well as working with your Academic Advisor each semester.

    It is your responsibility to meet all requirements for graduation, please review the College of Graduate Studies website regarding specific requirements to clear for graduation, including deadline dates:

  • Is it possible to graduate with honors? 
    No. There are not any honor distinctions at the graduate level.

  • Do I need to apply for graduation? 
    Yes. Be sure to submit a completed Graduation Application online in myUT by clicking on "apply to graduate" under your student tab. This is the only way students can apply to graduate now. Please see the links below for the application and deadlines:

View Graduation Application Deadline 

  • Can I participate in a graduation ceremony? 
    The University of Toledo hosts a campus-wide commencement at the end of every Fall and Spring semester. The College of Business and Innovation hosts a ceremony for business students at the end of every Spring semester (convocation). Summer semester graduates can attend either the Fall or Spring commencement.
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