College of Graduate Studies

When you are nearing the completion of your program, you must file an application to graduate by the posted application deadlines. Apply online through the myUT portal. Use the "Apply to Graduate" link located in the My Records section of the Toolkit menu.

Please note: There is a one-time (per graduate degree program) Graduation Services Fee of $125 assessed prior to degree conferral. This is assessed the first time you apply for graduation from a graduate degree program, excluding graduate certificates. Once your application has been processed, the fee will not be removed or refunded. If you find it necessary to withdraw your application and apply for a future term, you will not be assessed this fee again. This fee covers services related to graduation, which is the awarding of the degree, and not commencement exercises.

These services include, but are not limited to: providing degree audits; researching and resolving issues like course substitution, missing grades, and other requested exemptions; reviewing and recording all required academic program forms necessary to confirm completion of degree requirements, including culminating experiences such as theses and dissertations; and liaising with all academic college departments and the registrar's office to ensure you are academically approved to receive your degree.  You can find this fee explained in the Student Finance Brochure and on the Office of the Treasurer's website.

Last Updated: 9/24/20