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As continue to adapt and move forward in the current state of  COVID-19, the UToledo Family Business Center will continue to offer programming that best fits the needs of our community. We will continue on a virtual platform for our large events while offering in-person meetings for our small groups.

Below is a list of upcoming and past webinars and events. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

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Upcoming Webinars & Events

Book Club
May 27, 2021
     We have completed our first book and will be moving onto the second in late April. For this round we have chosen Every Family’s Business: 12 Common Sense Questions to Protect Your Wealth  by Dr. Tom Deans. If you attend the above webinar, you will receive a free copy of the book! Email emily.wagy@utoledo.edu  for more information or if you have any book ideas for the Club.

DEI Train-the-Trainer Session
May 6, 2021, via Zoom
     As business owners it is important to ensure that employees and customers are respected and free from discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, beliefs, age, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. Join the Family Business Center in conjunction with UToledo Office of Diversity and Inclusion as we educate you on how to educate your employees. Key aspects that will be covered include:

  • Understand your own identity as it relates to dominant cultures
  • Know how to respond to “hot button topics” by gaining cultural knowledge
  • Learn to lead impactful training sessions
  • Comprehend the following concepts and their relationship to cultural competence;
            Diversity vs. Inclusion
            Equality vs. Equity

MICHAEL ROGERS, PRACTICAL FUTURIST, presented in partnership with CIFT and the MEP
May 11, 2021, 8:30 a.m.
The Pinnacle in Maumee and via Zoom
Email Emily Wagy for registration information
     The UToledo Family Business Center and the Center for Food Innovation (CIFT) are hosting this hybrid event to explore business and the economy post-pandemic with renowned Practical Futurist, Michael Rogers. 
This is a highly uncertain world. Studying change, tracking trends, understanding patterns and then fitting the pieces together for a long-term view – that’s how a Practical Futurist looks to the future.
At this event, Michael will share his insights on:

  • How virtualization impacts every sector of the economy
  • The role of cognitive computing, the latest and most potent expression of artificial intelligence
  • Opportunities for the Midwest
  • The regional and global economic landscape 10 years from now

The trends we saw this year – virtualization, automation, artificial intelligence – were not new, they were just accelerated. So, what about future uncertainties? Attend this event to learn how to prepare and build an advantage for your business.

Women, Wisdom, & Wine
June 8, 2021
Caper's Restaurant & Bar

Leading Gen
July 14, 2021
The University of Toledo Foundation

The First UToledo Family Business Center Golf Outing
September 27, 2021
Stone Oak Country Club 
For more information or to join the committee email emily.wagy@utoledo.edu

Past Webinars

The Secret to Transitioning Family Business Wealthpresented by Skylight Financial Group

Updated OSHA Regulations, Presented by Eastman & Smith

Building Your Sales Team

Business Valuation, Presented by Rehmann

Breaking Down the PPP and the Employee Retention Tax Credit, Presented by The William Vaughan Company
Selling Your Business, Presented by Shumaker Loop and Kendrick and MB Capital

End of the Year Tax Update
Presented by The William Vaughan Company

Appreciate. Celebrate. Elevate.  The Family Business Center Annual Recognition Event

COVID-19 Employee Relations Webinar Series 
The UToledo Family Business Center is offering a webinar series that covers the ins and outs of COVID-19 and how it relates to and affects your employees. The series includes three, 45-minute webinars.

        Employment Law Liabilities
        Facilitated by Carrie Urrutia and Emilie Vassar from Eastman and Smith

        Best Practices for Concerned Employers
       Facilitated by Mechelle Zarou, Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick
        Managing Employee Concerns
       Facilitated by Dr. Jenell Wittmer

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