Main Campus Testing Services

Off-Site Proctoring

Please note: The Main Campus Testing Center does not currently offer proctoring services for students outside of The University of Toledo. Additionally, other institutions may not have restored outside proctoring services post-pandemic.

Faculty Request for Off-site Proctored Testing Arrangements

Online instructors: please complete the Instructor Request for Off-site Proctored Exams no later than the second week of the semester (first week of summer sessions) for courses requiring proctored tests. Forms will also be required from students after you’ve submitted your form. All forms are to be emailed to

Faculty Off-site Test Form

In-person proctoring is only to be used for major examinations in your online course (i.e. midterms and finals). For quizzes and other incremental assessments, please use the educational technology tools available to you through UToledo Online to conduct your course in an online format. LockDown Browser and live, virtual proctoring are among the options available to you.

This form grants permission to your online students who are more than 50 miles from the University to test off-site with a professional proctor approved by The University of Toledo Testing Services. For students able to test on campus, you should arrange your own proctored test date and location. The Main Campus Testing Center does not have the capacity to offer whole-class exams and is only to be used for make-up and disability accommodations for on-campus testers.

Please alert your online distant students that they need to inform you and complete the student request form as soon as possible, no later than the third week of the semester (first week of summer sessions).

**Please note: Students testing outside of the U.S. will use ProctorU and will require a computer-based test in Blackboard.

Ensuring Testing Integrity

The student will follow established testing guidelines and comply with The University of Toledo’s academic dishonesty policy. Testing Services has the authority to suggest alternate proctors/locations to assure testing integrity and adherence to standards and guidelines established by the National College Testing Association.

Questions? Call 419.530.2011 or e-mail

Student Request for Off-site Proctored Exams

Proctored or in-person, supervised testing is required by some UToledo instructors and/or programs for online courses. Before proceeding, confirm that proctored testing is required for your class and that the instructor has initiated the process with Testing Services.

Please note: Students are responsible for all fees associated with proctored testing.

Form: Who, What and When

Who completes the form:  online and CCP students in courses that require off-site proctored testing.

What is needed: a completed form for each course requiring proctored testing each semester. Please plan to use the same proctor for all your tests for the semester. You are responsible to locate and list your proctor on the form prior to submission.

When is the form due: within the first 3 weeks of each semester (the first week of summer sessions), or earlier if a test is scheduled.

*Students testing outside of the U.S. should mark the box to use ProctorU, a third-party online proctor service. Please note that international locations will be verified before your test date and students are responsible for all ProctorU fees.

Student Off-site Test Form

This form is only to be used for online students more than 50 miles from campus and/or students in the CCP program (for on-site testing at their school). Please contact your instructor for any on-campus proctoring arrangements.

Proctor Guidelines

Please note: This service is only for UToledo students. The Main Campus Testing Center does not currently offer proctoring services for students outside of The University of Toledo.

Approved Proctors/Professional Proctor Locations*

  • Certified librarian
  • College test center
  • Education official at college, secondary or elementary school
  • Educational service officer
  • Test administrator
  • A commissioned officer of higher rank than the student (military)

Proctors May Not Be

  • A relative of the student
  • A co-worker of the student
  • A personal friend of the student
  • Employee of student
  • A resident at the same address as the student
  • Direct supervisor of the student

*Testing is only approved by Testing Services when taking place in a professional testing location; testing locations are verified as part of this process per NCTA Standards and Guidelines.

Last Updated: 2/5/24