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 Ting Li, Ph.D- Curriculum Coordinator/Instructor

Ting Li holds a Ph.D. degree in Educational Leadership and two Master's degrees, one in TESOL and the other in Educational Psychology. She works as the curriculum coordinator and instructor at the ALI. For the past years, she has been working with second language learners from multiple counties in North America, South Asia, East Asia, and Middle East. She serves as the division chair and a member of the executive board for the Mid-Western Educational Research Association (MWERA). She has published several articles on cross-cultural comparison of learning efficacy. 




Jackie Eisel - Secretary

Jackie Eisel is an alumna of the University of Toledo and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in Children’s Literature. Having a passion to serve and a desire to learn, she truly enjoys working at the ALI. The best part of her day is when an opportunity arises to make someone feel welcomed! She loves meeting new friends and learning about different cultures. She is not a worldly traveler, so she lives vicariously through the stories of the students she serves, until her opportunity arises and she takes that leap for herself! Please stop in to SM1400, say "Hi," grab a cup of hot chocolate (which Jackie believes to be the true universal language), and maybe even recommend a few places for her to begin her travel journey! Go Rockets! 



Jaleesa Davis, M.A. - Instructor

Jaleesa Davis attended the University of Alabama for both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Applied Linguistics. While in school, she studied Chinese and Korean, and from 2016-2017 she taught middle school English in South Korea. She hopes to improve her Korean skills and one day become fluent.



Tatiana V. Gorbunova, Ph.D. - Instructor

Dr. Tatiana V. Gorbunova received her doctorate degree from the University of Toledo in Curriculum and Instruction with the emphasis on English, Linguistics, and ESL. She also holds two Master’s degrees - one from UT in educational administration and another from the Teachers’ Training Institute of Foreign Languages in Eastern Ukraine in Education, English, German, Russian, and Interpreting. During the previous 20 years, she has taught English as a foreign/second language, first year composition courses, psychology, educational leadership, and educational technology courses in the U.S. and abroad. Her research interests include the use of technology in teaching, sociolinguistics, and second language writing. She enjoys working with her students, making an impact on their academic lives, and learning from them every day. When not teaching, she likes reading, traveling, photography, and creating mosaic art pieces. 



Virginia Hofer - Instructor

Virginia Hofer holds Bachelor's degrees in English and Spanish from South Dakota State University. She studied briefly in Mexico and has taught high school Spanish in Minnesota, South Dakota, and California. She most recently spent over eight years teaching ESL classes for adult learners in a Pennsylvania family literacy program. Passionate about language, culture, and teaching, her other favorite activities include reading and traveling.



Regina Weirich, M.A. - Instructor

Regina Weirich holds a Bachelor's degree in French with a minor in Linguistics from Youngstown State University, a TESOL certificate from Bowling Green State University, and a Master's degree in ESL from the University of Toledo. She has been an au pair abroad, taught ESL Composition courses at UT, and taught online EFL classes for Korean business professionals. She currently teaches reading and writing courses at the ALI and at Henry Ford Community College. Regina likes to travel and learn about new languages and cultures. She hopes to pass this love of learning onto her students and aid them in their academic success. In her free time, Regina likes to play sports, cook, and read.



Ryan D. Wright, M.A. - Instructor

Ryan D. Wright received his M.A. in Literary and Textual Studies at Bowling Green State University, M.A. in English: Concentration in ESL at The University of Toledo, and B.A. in International Leadership Studies: Concentration in European Studies at Marietta College. He has taught courses in composition, rhetoric; second language writing and communication; and literary and cultural studies. His research interests include rhetoric, composition, and literacy; international education administration; international and comparative education; education finance and policy; assessment; international and cross-cultural communication; organizational leadership and communication; and strategic communication. Wright has also served on boards and committees for several non-profit organizations, primarily assisting with budgeting, fundraising, membership engagement and retention, and strategic planning.


Last Updated: 1/7/22