American Language Institute

Course Structure

Students in class


  • Give students high quality English language instruction, focusing on acquiring the skills necessary to communicate fluently in English and to succeed in academia;
  • Prepare students for successful engagement in the American culture and the university;
  • Create a safe, understanding, helping, and welcoming environment for ALI students on and off campus;
  • Identify issues related to ALI students’ success and remedy them by suggesting useful resources and offering workshops;
  • Plan Conversation Club meetings, conversation partner opportunities, First Friday events, and other extracurricular activities to give students a chance to express themselves concerning different issues related to their success, engagement, and well-being;
  • Encourage students to feel confident in learning and using English language through practice;
  • Monitor the use of English as the only medium of communication both inside and outside classrooms;
  • Evaluate level progression and matriculation to ensure consistency and alignment with international admission, as well as standardized tests.

There are six levels of instruction (Foundation, Basic, Low Intermediate, High Intermediate, Low Advanced, and High Advanced).


  • Reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills practiced in units about interesting topics

  • Grammar instruction  

  • Everyday American English

  • Free computer and internet access in our computer lab

  • Academic support team

  • Programming where you interact and learn about the University

  • Advising Program

  • Graduate Preparation Program, which assists prospective graduate students (enrollment permitting)

Last Updated: 5/13/24