American Language Institute



The advising program at the American Language Institute (ALI) provides support to all students, both academically and socially. The overarching goal of the advising program is to prepare students for their academic and professional journey at the university level. 

The Advisor’s Role and Responsibilities

The goal of the advisor is to establish a positive rapport with students so the following objectives can be met for each student (advisee):

  • Help each student develop a realistic educational Student Success Plan. Students should update their individual Success Plan consistently throughout their time at the ALI.
  • (For new students) Meet with new advisees during orientation to assist them with their initial adjustment to university academic life, and help them connect with other students.
  • (For continuing students)  Meet with assigned advisees on a biweekly basis to review/revise their Student Success Plan, and to discuss grades and other performance indicators.
  • Help students plan long- and short-term goals that are consistent with their abilities and interests.
  • Provide office hours for walk-in advising requests, and proactively contact advisees on a regular basis.
  • Help advisees understand policies, procedures, and requirements at ALI and The University of Toledo.
  • Follow-up with advisees on any report of unsatisfactory work. Special attention is paid to students placed on academic probation.
  • Maintain an up-to-date Advising Portfolio for each student with a summary record of academic performance, dates of appointments, notation of special circumstances, etc.
  • Consult regularly with faculty colleagues in order to have up-to-date information about student progress, classroom behaviors, and potential learning difficulties.
  • Refer students to other institutional resources when academic, emotional, attendance or other personal problems require intervention by other professionals. (e.g., Office of Academic Development, Academic Services, Personal Counseling, etc.)
Last Updated: 9/28/23