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Animal Transfers

This form is used to transfer animals between protocols and can be submitted by any research personnel, however, all PIs must be aware of the transfer.

Animals can only undergo procedures that are clearly outlined in the approved protocol.

    • You cannot perform procedures that are not allowed on the protocol listed.
    • If the procedure you want to perform is on a different approved protocol, you MUST transfer the animal(s) to the correct protocol using an Animal Transfer Form.
      Example: A breeding protocol to an experimental protocol or between PIs.
    • If 2 PI's share a protocol # document both PI names as: PI protocol #/PI paying. For example: Dr. Rat lets Dr. Mouse perform experiments on his protocol, but Dr. Mouse is responsible for the per diems. The PI name is written as Rat/Mouse Rat = PI whose protocol # the animals are under and Mouse = PI who is paying for the cages. This will ensure the correct PI is billed.
form location & instructions

Form Location on the Z Drive: Z:\DeptLabAnimalResearch\UTResearchers\Animal Transfers
File Name: Animal Transfer Form (PDF File)


  1. Complete the Animal Transfer Form located in the Z drive folder listed above.
  2. Submit the Animal Transfer Form via email to the addresses listed below.
  3. After submitting your form, a transfer label must be placed on each cage card over top of the old protocol information (see example below).
    • Blank transfer labels are found in the black DLAR binder in each animal room.
      • DO NOT place transfer labels anywhere else on the cage card. The transfer label must cover the old protocol information.
      • DO NOT cross off an old protocol number and re-write a new one.

Example Cage Card with Transfer Label

Image of a cage card, a transfer label and the proper placement of label on card

for assistance with animal transfers

For assistance with transferring animals or completing the Animal Transfer Form, please contact:

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Last Updated: 11/6/23