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The Guide-

“The Institution should provide appropriate education and training to members of the research teams…to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and expertise for the specific animal procedures proposed and the species used…All research groups should receive training in animal care and use legislation, IACUC functions, ethics of animal use and the concepts of the Three Rs, methods for reporting concerns about animal use, animal handling, aseptic surgical technique, anesthesia and analgesia, euthanasia…”

 DLAR offers the following training sessions:

Orientation:  includes a review of the regulatory bodies related to animal research, a discussion of the IACUC and its role, the Occupational Health & Safety program, reporting concerns and general laboratory principles.


Breeding Colony Maintenance:  contains an overview of the need for a breeding colony and operational guidelines (i.e., mating systems, weaning, genotyping, sexing).

     Basic Mouse Aging and Sexing

SPF/Conventional/Wet Lab:  provides instruction to the researchers regarding proper gowning techniques for SPF, communicating with DLAR, required documentation, cage density guidelines, and overall flow of researchers and equipment through the facility. Wet Lab focuses on handling and basic procedures (i.e., restraint, injections, euthanasia).

    SPF/Wet Lab

Surgery:  This is a multi-step training session.  A CD to assist in the development of the proper surgical skills is initially required, followed by a session that covers the specifics of basic surgical requirements (i.e., aseptic technique, anesthetic equipment use, instrument sterilization).  Further sessions may be required to practice surgical procedures.

Protocol Specific Training: provides individual training for those techniques that are unique to a protocol (i.e., IV tail vein injection, gavage, lancet bleed, ROB).

    Lancet bleeding video -

Contact the DLAR office at 419-383-4310 for days and times that the classes are offered. 

Last Updated: 12/18/17