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Department of Laboratory Animal Resources

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Image of the AAALAC Accreditation Seal

The Department of Laboratory Animal Resources at The University of Toledo (DLAR) is proud to be accredited by AAALAC International. DLAR includes vivariums on the UToledo main campus and health science campus. Throughout DLAR’s 53-year history and today, we continue to provide expert animal support and training for faculty research programs, expertise on research techniques and provides professional veterinary care, husbandry services, facilities, equipment and animal management.  In addition, we provide animal care oversight and manage UToledo compliance and adherence to animal research laws, regulations, accreditation compliance and public ethics laws.

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You must reserve TIME in DLAR

    1. Researchers must reserve time in any DLAR space for the length of time they will be present in the room. Please make sure to use that time, as others also need to use the room.
    2. Some animal rooms have 2 hoods for 2 labs to use the room at the same time.  
    3. Please follow the directions on how to schedule time in the animal/procedure rooms.  HOW TO SCHEDULE ROOM TIME
    4. Do not combine multiple reservations into 1; create a reservation for reach area/room requested. 
    5. You must follow all posted PPE requirements for all holding rooms.



  • Attending Veterinarian

    Lisa Root, D.V.M.
    Office: 419.383.4314
  • Laboratory Animal Manager

    Ashley Kurth
    Office: 419.383.6022

Medical/Safety Contact Information

  • Campus Police

    Emergency: 911
    Non-Emergency: 419.383.2600

  • Safety & Health

    Health Science Campus: 419.383.5089
    Main Camp: 419.530.3600

  • Facilities & Construction

    Health Science Campus: 419.383.5353/3488
    Main Camp: 419.530.1000
Last Updated: 11/16/23