University of Toledo

Department of Laboratory Animal Resources "DLAR"


Training Classes are limited to 3 people/class)

  • Orientation and your occupational health questionnaire will be entirely electronic in TestBank. 
  • Wet Lab, Technical, Isoflurane and Hazard classes will be weekly.  Aseptic technique class will be twice per month only.  
  • Click here for our Training Page.  


 “What you should know to enter DLAR"

  1. Respiratory protection is required.   
  2. Electronically room reserved are required.   
    1. Researchers must reserve rooms for the length of time they will be present in the room.   Please make sure to use that time, as others also need to use the room. 
    2. Animal/procedure rooms are limited to 1 research person per laminar flow hood (LFH). 
      1. Animal Room 050F has 2 LFH (Hood #1 & Hood #2).  A maximum of 2 researchers are allowed in the room and they must sign up for one of the two hoods.  While working in the room they must practice the 6-foot social distancing rule. 
      2.  Procedure room 047 is small and confined, therefore only 1 researcher at a time.  If your procedure requires more than one person, you must seek DLAR's approval before starting.
  3. Physical distancing of 6 feet in all areas of DLAR (hallways, animal/procedure rooms & offices).
  4. Researchers must disinfect work areas before starting and after.  Examples: LFH buttons, isoflurane knobs, tables/counter tops, handles to drawers, cabinets and carts

 +++++     How to Schedule rooms in DLAR!      +++++++ 

Please follow the directions on how to schedule time in the animal/procedure rooms.  HOW TO SCHEDULE ROOM TIME

Remember when using outlook to schedule the room you must type the room exactly how you see it below.   Rooms


Last Updated: 8/18/20