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Welcome to the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources "DLAR"


Mission Statement       mouse

The Department of Laboratory Animal Resources provides high-quality research animal care, veterinary services, and expertise with animal models and with research animal regulations.


DLAR’s goal is to facilitate compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations governing animal utilization in teaching, research, and testing. The staff of the department strives to maintain a quality animal care program which meets the standards required to receive accreditation by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC). 


DLAR maintains vivariums on both the Health Science Campus (HSC) and the Main Campus (MC). The HSC campus is the primary office and is staffed full-time by the department secretary. Calls and interdepartmental mail should be addressed to the HSC.

Health Science Campus                                                            Main Campus
3000 Arlington Avenue                                                                2801 West Bancroft St.
Health Education Building                                                        Wolfe Hall      
MS 1004, HEB 012                                                                          MS 600, WH 0263
Toledo, OH 43614                                                                          Toledo, OH 43606
419-383-4310                                                                                    419-530-1987



The Department of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) Per Diem Rates & Service Rates


If the form doesn't seem to be working for you then download the form to your computer and complete that way. 
  •  Animal Requisition Form:  Purchasing research animals from approved vendors such as Charles River, Jackson, Taconic, Envigo, etc.
  • Animal Transfer Form:  This form is used to transfer animals between Principle Investigators “PIs” approved protocols within the university. Examples: Transferring animals from a PI’s breeding protocol to their research protocol or between 2 different PIs.  This form is not used to transfer animals to PI's outside the university.
  • Breeding Record:  Required to be submitted to DLAR on a month basis to track and deduct additional research animals born against a given protocol.  
  • Importation/Exportation of Live Animals Request Form: Required for Import/Export of research animals from non-approved sources such as colleagues at other institutions.  

Shared Research Equipment within DLAR 

Here is a list of all the Specialized Research Equipment Shared in the DLAR Vivarium

Last Updated: 1/13/20