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Per Diem Rates

The Department of Laboratory Animal Resources

Per Diem & Service Rates

DLAR recovers the unsubsidized costs associated with the procurement, care and support of animals used in research and teaching at the University of Toledo through per diems.  Investigators are billed monthly for previous months expenses.  Per-diem rates for animal care, or direct charges for personnel costs and supplies, are based on the cost analysis and recovery procedures outlined in the NIH’s Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities(link is external).

 Housing Conditions

  • Sterile:  All caging and equipment is sterilized and only opened in a laminar flow hood.  Additional PPE is required as is gloved hands and dipping/spraying with disinfectant. Strict microisolator technique is used.
  • SPF:  Caging is not necessarily sterile but still only opened in a laminar flow hood.  Standard PPE is required as is gloved hands and dipping/spraying with disinfectant.
  • SPF Transition Area: Caging is not necessarily sterile but still only opened in a laminar flow hood.  Standard PPE is required as is gloved hands and dipping/spraying with disinfectant.  
  • Containment: Caging setup is usually open top cages and opened in the room without a laminar flow hood.  All PPE is required and all PPE must be removed before exiting the containment area.  Equipment and supplies leaving this area must be sprayed off prior to exiting the area.   Access to other areas after containment is strictly prohibited without wet showering first.                

 Per Diem rates include:

  • Standard animal husbandry care, standard caging and standard supplies.  This includes veterinary health care (excluding research induced health care), sentinel program, training and support. 

 Per Diem rates do not include:

  • Quarantine testing
  • Specialty supplies ordered for lab (drugs, supplies disinfectants):  At cost + 10% administration fee
  • Technical support activities (injections, surgical support, post-op care, breeding services, euthanasia, separating animals to follow regulatory guidelines)
    • $7.50 per 15 minutes (basic support, weaning, euthanasia, separations)
    • $11.25 per 15 minutes (breeding colony support, surgical support, post-op care, injections)
    • Special diets or treated water
    • Clean Fostering: Technical process to produce animals free of viruses and pathogens.  $405 for each proven clean litter (this includes clean animals, all labor, all testing and validation).
    • Metabolic rack: Rat = $30, Mouse = $60
    • Rat CLAMS: 50% of Per Diem Rate
    • Mouse CLAMS: 50% of Per Diem Rate + $60 for cleaning
    • Transportation of animals between campuses: $5 per shipping crate + tech time.
    • Laundry/scrub services: $25/month

Procedure/Surgery Rooms (Must be reserved by signing up online AND on the sheet in front of the room)

  • No charge but the lab must clean up after they are done using the room
  • Clean Up Fee:  minimum ½ hour charge ($15)

Autoclave Services (must be requested at least 48 hours in advance)

  • Autoclave and autoclave pouch for labs surgical supplies: $30/run;  self-service table top autoclave is available in procedure room 031 and is $5/run.
  • Surgery Pack: $45/pack (blue drapes, 4l gauze pads, 8s gauze pads, 8 cotton applicators, fine scissors, suture scissors, rat tooth forceps, blunt forceps, 2 mosquito hemostats, 1 needle driver).
  • $15 charge for quarterly validation of autoclaves located in the PI’s area (includes supplies, incubation of vials and daily observation of vials)

Importation/Exportation of Animals

  • Domestic $90 + shipping cost + crate charges
  • International $150 + shipping cost + crate charges                                                                                                                                                                                   

Fiscal Year 2014 -15 Per Diem Rates

Last Updated: 6/27/22