UToledo Human Resources

New Hire Forms

The following forms must be completed, printed, signed and returned to the Human Resources Department. 

*Please Note*

  • You must use your legal name as it is indicated on your Social Security Card.
  • Original signatures are required on all documents.
  • All forms must be completed in blue or black ink.

1.  Expected Behavior of Employees

2.  Fraud Hotline Acknowledgement Form - Please review the Fraud Hotline Notice and ORC 117.103 & 124.341 prior to completing this form.

3.  Ohio State Tax Withholding Form (W4) OR Michigan State Tax Withholding Form (W4) - Please complete the appropriate form according to the state of your permanent address.

4.  Ohio Public Employees Retirement System - This form notifies OPERS that an employee is beginning employment and assists them in determining whether the individual already has an account.  (Student workers - please see Other Forms for OPERS Student Exemption Form)

5.  SSA - 1945 Social Security Form - Statement concerning your employment in a job not covered by social security.

6.  I-9: An HR Specialist will send you the Intellicorp link to complete Section 1 of the I-9 form. Please complete section 1 as soon as possible. Once you have completed Section 1, the HR Specialist will set up an appointment with you to verify your forms of identification and complete Section 2 of the I-9 form. Please remember to bring the appropriate forms of identification to this meeting. If you have questions about what forms of identification to bring, please contact the Human Resources Department.

7.  Ethical Conduct Statement - Before completing the form, please review the Ohio Ethics Law and Related Statutes and "Ethics is Everybody's Business" by clicking on the following links:

Ohio Ethics Law and Related StatutesEthics is Everybody's Business

8.  Inventions and Reporting StatementPlease review the Patent Policy prior to completing this form.

9. Drug Free Work Place, 3364-25-104.1Please review and sign

Other Forms

A.  Voluntary Local Tax Withholdings Election Form

B.  Driver Form - This form must be completed if you will be driving university vehicles.

C.  Non-Resident Alien Information Form

D.  Notice of Re-employment of an OPERS Benefit Recipient - Only to be completed by rehired retirees.

E.  OPERS Student Exemption Form - This exemption is available to student workers who are also enrolled in classes at the University of Toledo and who do not wish to contribute to OPERS.

Instructions for submitting forms
All original forms must be turned in to the Human Resources Department located at 2935 East Rocket Drive, the Center for Administrative Support


If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, download your free copy at the Adobe Internet site.

Last Updated: 8/10/21