UToledo Human Resources

Current Employees

You will be leaving The University of Toledo – the following will help you manage the transition.  If you are retiring from The University of Toledo, please see the section on Retirement.

Voluntary Separation 
Voluntary separation means that you are leaving the university by choice.

Separation Documents

Exit Checklist

Vacation and Sick Leave Payouts

Any eligible payment for unused accrued vacation will be paid out according to University policy and will be processed within twenty-eight (28) days of last regular pay.  Sick time is only paid out upon retirement, and is paid out based on University policy. For all other separation reasons, sick time will remain on record for a period of up to 10 years and can be transferred to other state agencies.  Refer to policy.

University Medical, Dental and Vision Plans
If you are a current participant in one of the Health Plans, this coverage will continue through the end of the month in which you end employment.  University medical, dental and vision plans may be continued in accordance with COBRA, which generally allows for coverage continuation for 18 months beyond the separation date at the expense of the employee.

Retirement Plan/s (refer to our Retirement Page for further information)
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)

  1. Traditional Plan:  You have three options:  1) you may roll your account balance over to an Individual Retirement Account or other qualified account, 2) leave your balance in your current plan, or 3) receive a refund of your balance.  If you are interested in taking your contributions out of the OPERS Traditional Plan or rolling your account over please complete the “Traditional Pension Plan Refund Application” that can be located on the HR Website or you can contact the Ohio Public Employees Retirement system (OPERS) directly for more information OPERS 1-800-222-7377.
  2. Alternative Retirement Plan:  you may contact your carrier directly for options.

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
If you have life insurance and/or dependent life insurance coverage, this coverage will end on the effective date of your separation from employment.  You may apply to the insurance company directly to convert this policy however you must apply in writing and pay the first premium to the insurer within thirty-one (31) days of the effective date of your separation.

Long Term Disability
Coverage ends on the effective date of your separation from employment

Supplemental Retirement/Tax-Deferred Annuities (403b, 457)
The employee contributions will cease with your last regular pay.  You will need to check directly with the financial institution regarding distribution options.

Other Paycheck Deductions
If your pay statement shows deductions for loan payments, child support, etc., contact your appropriate source to make arrangements for payment.

Other Services
Employees should directly contact the following areas to return any material and/or pay any outstanding fines:
                Rocket Wireless
                Accounts Payable
                University Rec Center

Employees should directly contact the following areas to continue using their services:
                University of Toledo Federal Credit Union
                University of Toledo Medical Center


Last Updated: 7/22/24