Pre-Med Programs

Pre-Med Programs

Bioengineering provides an excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing medical careers. Bioengineering undergraduates acquire research skills that are desired by the best medical schools, and receive a technical education that prepares future physicians for advances in medical technology. Bioengineering undergraduates typically are accepted into medical school at higher rates than students who major in the physical sciences.

The Department of Bioengineering at the University of Toledo offers a Pre-Med concentration that allows students to take the courses that will prepare them for the MCAT exam and for medical school. Any student in Bioengineering can receive a BSBE with a pre-med concentration if they successfully complete the following courses:

  • BIOL 3030/3040 - Cell Biology with Lab
  • CHEM 2410/2460 - Organic Chemistry I with Lab
  • CHEM 2420/2470 - Organic Chemistry II with Lab
  • CHEM 3510 - Biochemistry I

These courses can be used to satisfy technical elective requirements for Bioengineering undergraduates. Students interested in using Bioengineering as a Pre-Medicine program should consult with both the Pre-Med advisor in the College of Arts and Letters and the Assistant Director of Department Student Services in the Department of Bioengineering.

Pre-Med Programs


Accelerated program

four-year version of the Bioengineering Pre-Med curriculum


Bacc2MD Pathway program

combined BS and MD degree program with the University of Toledo College of Medicine


MEDStart program

early admission program to the University of Toledo College of Medicine


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