Technical Electives

To gain expertise in a specific bioengineering discipline, students are required to select and complete an elective track sequence to satisfy the BSBE program requirements. See Elective Sequences for more details. This consists of completing a series of five technical electives (15 credit hours) in engineering, mathematics, or the natural sciences.  These must include two technical electives that are BIOE 4XXX level courses.  To satisfy the track completion requirement, a minimum of three courses (9 hours) must be completed within the selected track category. The remaining two elective courses (6 hours) may be completed within any of the track categories but may also include a maximum of 3 hours of BIOE 4910 Bioengineering Honors Thesis or BIOE 4990 Bioengineering Independent Study.  However, BIOE 4910 or 4990 cannot be applied toward the 4000-level BIOE elective course requirement.

An individualized track or course exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis; however, this will require a documented advising meeting with the ADDSS and subsequent WRITTEN approval by the Undergraduate Program Director which must occur PRIOR to course registration.   As a general rule, however, possible courses for consideration must be 3000-level or higher courses in engineering (excluding Engineering Technology) or in the biological, chemical, environmental, mathematical or physical sciences.  This would include courses offered from the following departments:

  • Bioengineering  (BIOE)
  • Biological Sciences  (BIOL)
  • Chemical Engineering (CHEE)
  • Chemistry  (CHEM)
  • Civil Engineering  (CIVE)
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  (EECS)
  • Environmental Science  (EEES)
  • Mathematics (MATH)
  • Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering  (MIME)
  • Physics  (PHYS)


Any course which is covered in the core Bioengineering coursework or from the following list of courses due to insufficient technical content are excluded from consideration and may NOT serve as technical electives:

Biology (BIOL) 
BIOL 3070 - Human Physiology (3 hours)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) 
EECS 3200 - Signals and Systems (3 hours)

Mathematics (MATH) 
MATH 3510 - History of Mathematics (3 hours)

Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME) 

MIME 3200 – Introduction to Project Engineering (3 hours)
MIME 4000 - Engineering Statistics I (3 hours)


In addition to 3000-level courses, the following 2000-level courses may also serve as technical electives:

Chemistry (CHEM) 
CHEM 2410 – Organic Chemistry I (3 hours)

CHEM 2420 – Organic Chemistry II (3 hours)

CHEM 2480 - Separations & Synthesis (2 hours) 
CHEM 2490 - Synthesis & Identification (2 hours)


Mathematics (MATH) 
MATH 2890 - Numerical Methods & Linear Algebra (3 hours)

Mechanical Engineering (MIME) 
MIME 2300 - Engineering Dynamics (3 hours) 
MIME 2600 - Engineering Economics (3 hours) 
MIME 2650 - Manufacturing Processes (3 hours)


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Last Updated: 8/31/22