Flowcharts and Checkout Sheets

The following checkout sheets and flowcharts (both in PDF format) are organized by the standard, honors or pre-med curricula, and by the plan A, C or D co-op schedules.

Refer to these pages whenever you have questions about your co-op rotation schedule, when you need to take required courses, and how much progress you have made toward completing your Bioengineering degree. You may also check your progress toward graduation on-line under the Self-Service tab of the myUT portal.

You must satisfy all prerequisites before registering for a class, exceptions are rarely granted. Flowcharts are designed to allow for completion of prerequisite coursework as you proceed through the curriculum. See prerequisite flowchart or BIOE courses for details on course prerequisites.

All BIOE students are assigned a co-op schedule during their first year in the program. Failure to adhere to the co-op schedule and curriculum flowchart can delay graduation by a year or more. To prevent such delays, any changes in the co-op schedule must be approved by the BIOE co-op director and by the undergraduate program director.

Note that the 5 year version of plan C is restricted to ROTC students and NCAA athletes. The 4 year version of plan C is restricted to qualifying pre-med students. See Accelerated Pre-Med Program for more details.

Standard   curriculum


Honors curriculum



Pre-med curriculum


Honors Pre-med   curriculum


Flow Charts effective Fall '18

Regular A '18
Regular C '18

Regular D '18

Premed A '18

Premed C '18

Premed D '18

Premed C 4 (effective Fall '19)

Last Updated: 8/8/19