Engineering Technology

University Core Electives

University General Education Core Curriculum

The University of Toledo requires thirty-three (33) semester hours of undergraduate general education core courses for all students. The table below lists the specific requirements of the General Education Core and how these requirements are satisfied by the EET program.

Gen Ed Core Requirement


EET Program Courses(s)

English Composition


ENGL 1110 and ENGL 2950



MATH 1330

Natural Science


CHEM 1230

Humanities & Fine Arts


One elective and one double-dip

Social Science


Two electives

Multicultural: Non-Western Diversity


One elective (double-dip as Humanities)

Multicultural: U.S. Diversity


One elective (double-dip as Humanities) 

A "double-dip" course may serve as both as a Humanities & Fine Arts and as a multicultural course [e.g., HIST 1080], or as both as a Social Science and as a multicultural course [e.g., SOC 2640]. The "pink sheet" linked below includes at least twenty-five (25) courses that qualify as double-dip courses. Students may use the double-dip option only once.

In addition to the University General Education Core Curriculum requirements described above, EET students are required to select a three semester credit hour communications elective from the list of courses below.

  • COMM 2600 Public Presentations
  • COMM 2820 Group Communications
  • COMM 2840 Interpersonal Communications
  • COMM 3610 Speech Writing
  • COMM 3820 Persuasion and Propaganda



Last Updated: 6/27/22