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Graduate certification in manufacturing

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Manufacturing is undergoing systemic changes as a result of technological advances and reshoring of manufacturing to the U.S. The adoption and integration of additive manufacturing technologies is changing the way products are made and opening product opportunities that were previously unfeasible. Employers have sought out and hired graduates with specialized knowledge and skills in manufacturing for many years. This Certificate allows you to transcript manufacturing skill-base and enables employers to identify graduates with the manufacturing expertise that they need.

Course Requirements

The certificate is a total of 15 credit hours with all courses offered online. The certificate program is structured around several core manufacturing courses with electives to allow customization:

Core Manufacturing (9 Credit Hours)

The courses in the required core cover all important aspects of manufacturing, as well as emerging advanced technology in additive manufacturing. Select three of the four courses to cover the manufacturing core.

Engineering Electives (6 Credit hours)

Select two additional courses to further develop skills in a specialty area of manufacturing. Choose any two of the six manufacturing electives or one elective and the remaining course in the manufacturing core.

CURRICULUM FOR graduate certificate in MANUFACTURING


Required Courses (Choose 3)
MIME 5060
Manufacturing Engineering (3 cr hr) 
MIME 5830
Additive Manufacturing (3 cr hr)
MIME 6720
Design of Experiments (3 cr hr) 
MIME 6810
Assembly and Joining Processes (3 cr hr) 
Elective Courses (Choose 2)
 MIME 5080
Operations Research I (3 cr hr)
MIME 5100
Manufacturing Systems Simulation (3 cr hr)
MIME 5690
Reliability (3 cr hr)
MIME 5800
Design for Manufacturability (3 cr hr) 
MIME 5820
Sustainability Analysis and Design (3 cr hr) 
MIME 6800
Advanced Manufacturing Systems Engineering (3 cr hr)

Application Process

Admissions are made on an individual basis and take into account the applicant’s previous educational record and professional experience. Applications accepted at any time. There is no application deadline.

  • Completed and signed online Online Application Form
  • Transcripts from each institution attended and designation of any degree obtained. (Note – Official transcripts are not needed for UToledo courses/degrees)
  • Two letters of recommendation, at least one must be from a professor or employer
  • TOEFL or IELTS for applicants whose degree is from a non-US institution
  • U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent cardholders: $45 non-refundable application fee
  • All others: $75 non-refundable application fee

If you are currently enrolled in an engineering MS or PhD program, you will need to add the certificate program to your matriculation prior to graduation and apply for graduation when you complete the certificate requirements. To add a graduate certificate to your current matriculation, submit a request to the College of Graduate Studies using the "Request to Add a Graduate Certificate Program" link on the Graduate tab in the myUT portal


The educational outcome of the Manufacturing Graduate Certificate will result in graduates that will be:

  • Hired or promoted as practicing engineers in industries and government laboratories that are involved in the design, simulation, implementation, testing, analysis, and control of manufacturing processes and systems.
  • Prepared to continue their education with an advanced degree in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or other related field of engineering.
  • Prepared to continue their studies in other graduate programs to pursue careers in business or law.

For more information on the certificate or MS/PhD programs, please contact the program director: 

Dr. Mohamed Samir Hefzy
Professor and Graduate Program Director
Office: NI 4056
Phone: 419.530.8234 

Hongyan Zhang
Professor and Manufacturing Certificate Coordinator
Office: NI 4031
Phone: 419.530.6019 

Last Updated: 1/5/24