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Course Program of Study (CPOS)

Course Program of Study (CPOS) is a requirement by the U.S. Department of Education which mandates that only courses that count toward a student’s program of study (declared major, minor or concentration) can be considered when determining eligibility for federal financial aid programs including Pell Grant; SEOG; TEACH Grant; Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized and Parent PLUS Loans; and Federal Work Study. 

CPOS was designed to help students finish their degree program faster by focusing on the completion of coursework tied directly to their degree. Additionally, timely degree completion may also reduce student costs, including student loan debt. 

Financial aid is initially awarded based on the assumption that undergraduate students will enroll full-time in eligible coursework during the fall and spring semester and upon request, summer term. Regardless of the term of enrollment, students may only receive federal financial aid for coursework that counts towards their declared program of study.  

The chart below shows the undergraduate enrollment status based on hours enrolled. 

Credit Hours Enrollment Status
12 or more  Full-time
9-11  Three-quarter time
6-8 Half-time
1-5 Less than half-time

If you enroll in coursework that is not required for your program of study, the amount of federal aid you receive may be reduced. Contact your academic advisor to discuss your academic options.  

Student FAQ's

When is UToledo implementing CPOS?

UToledo will implement CPOS in the fall 2023 semester.  

What is the purpose of CPOS?

To ensure timely degree completion and avoid incurring costs for courses that do not count towards your degree program.  

What type of financial aid does CPOS impact?

CPOS applies to federal financial aid only and includes Pell Grant; SEOG; TEACH Grant; Federal Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized and Parent PLUS Loans; and Federal Work-Study.   

What if I have not declared a major yet?

You may remain undecided and remain eligible for federal financial aid as long as your courses count towards a degree. You should declare a major as soon as you meet the requirements to do so. To declare or change your major, contact your academic advisor or contact your college’s student services office for assistance 

What if I'm planning on changing my major?

If you are planning on changing your major (or adding any secondary majors, minors or concentrations), it is vital that you connect and discuss with your academic advisor to ensure that your courses keep you eligible for federal financial aid.   

If all the courses for my major are full, can I substitute a course to make sure I qualify for federal financial aid?

You will need to discuss with your academic advisor to see if a different course could potentially be substituted for one in your program of student that is not available.    

How can I make sure my classes count towards my degree program?

Before you register for classes, meet with your academic advisor to make sure the courses you plan to register for will count toward your degree program. 

When will CPOS identify if my courses count for federal financial aid?

UAchieve, UToledo’s degree audit system, is used to determine if your courses count toward your program of study. The CPOS process runs prior to the start of each semester to identify students who are enrolled in courses that cannot be considered for federal financial aid. If you are a federal financial aid recipient enrolled in non-counting coursework that will reduce your federal aid eligibility, the Office of Student Financial Aid will notify you by sending an email to your Rockets email account

The email will direct you to check your CPOS status under the “My Financial Aid Dashboard” in myUT. It is imperative that all changes to registration, declared program of study, and any adjustments to the degree audit affecting courses that count be made before the 15th day of the semester 

How will I be notified if a course I am taking does not count towards my degree program and is impacting my financial aid?

If you are a federal aid recipient and your non-counting courses will reduce your federal aid eligibility, the Office of Student Financial Aid will notify you by sending an email to your Rockets email accountThe email will direct you to check your CPOS status under the “My Financial Aid Dashboard in myUT 

How will I be impacted if I have declared two majors?

Both majors and the courses required for them will be taken into consideration for CPOS, so long as they are both declared. 

If I am an undergraduate taking graduate courses, how will CPOS affect me?

If you are an undergraduate student in a pipeline program that requires graduate-level courses, then those courses would be aid eligible. However, if the graduate-level courses do not count toward your degree program, then the courses will not count toward your federal aid eligibility.  

What happens if I need to retake a course?

If the course is required to complete your degree program, you can retake the course and continue to receive aid for that course until you receive a passing grade for the course (and for one additional attempt after a passing grade).  

What about honors coursework or prerequisite coursework?

Honors coursework and/or prerequisite coursework only count for federal financial aid if the courses are required in the student’s program of study. However, if a student is enrolled as a regular student, in an eligible program of study, and is required to take a prerequisite course prior to enrolling in a required course for the program, the prerequisite may be included in the federal aid determination.  

How does CPOS affect study abroad?

Study abroad courses may count for federal financial aid if they apply towards coursework in your declared program of study. 

Some of the courses in which I am enrolled do not apply toward my program of study. What do I do next?

Your federal aid is based on coursework that applies toward your program of study. Therefore, your federal aid may be reduced.  

To address this situation, you have two options: 

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your academic options. If the semester has not started, it may be in your best interest to drop the ineligible course(s) and enroll only in courses in your declared program that will be eligible for federal financial aid. 
  • If the semester has already begun and the reduction in your federal financial aid results in a balance due, you will be responsible for paying the amount owed. Contact Rocket Solution Central (RSC) at 419.530.8700 or by email at if you need help determining payment options. 


What if a course does not count toward CPOS but I think it should?

Check your MyUT and your UAchieve Degree Audit to see if your major(s) are accurately declared and that your catalog year is correct. Contact your academic advisor if you need to adjust your declared program. 

What about graduating seniors in their last semester?

Only courses that are part of the program of study are eligible for federal aid. For example, if you only need 3 hours to graduate but you choose to register for 6 hours to qualify for a Federal Direct Loan, you will not be eligible for the loan. You may still qualify for other aid that could assist you with paying for the required course.  

I am an international student, how will CPOS affect me?

You are not impacted by CPOS since you are not eligible for federal financial aid. 

I am receiving VA benefits, how will CPOS affect me?

VA benefits are subject to their own rules and do not fall under CPOS. Contact the UToledo Military Service Center if you have questions about course eligibility.   

Does CPOS impact my eligibility for scholarships or grants funded by UToledo or an external organization?

No, your eligibility for institutional and/or private financial aid is not affected by CPOSHowever, these types of aid are still subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth by the provider. 

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