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Collections & Connections - Vol. 1., No. 2, March 2008


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Beyond Google™! - What is Information Literacy?

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”-Robert M. Hutchins 

Students at The University of Toledo Libraries are learning that there is much more to the research process than a quick Google™ search. Through Information Literacy classes, students are being taught how to effectively and efficiently access current, accurate, and authoritative information. Teaching our students how to successfully manage and utilize 21st century information and technology is essential to academic success and supports the University Libraries’ mission “to enhance and support excellence in life-long learning, discovery, and engagement for the improvement of the human condition.” The University Libraries have taken the lead in actively engaging and partnering with numerous faculty members across the campus to make certain that students are taught how to use all of the information readily available and prepare them for their future – both inside and outside the classroom.

 instruction in new Information Literacy classrooms

By the Numbers: Increasing Every Semester

 To date, during the 2007-2008 academic year, our Information Literacy faculty members have taught 7,181 students in 377 instructional sessions.

Information Literacy Classrooms are A Big Hit

The three new Information Literacy classrooms on the first floor of Carlson Library have allowed us to expand our teaching efforts. With the increased seating capacity, we are able to accommodate larger class sizes than ever before. A new classroom is currently being built at the Scott Park Library which will allow us to reach students on that campus.

Authors & Artists Exhibit Opening Set for April 1st

Mark your calendars now to attend a reception for The University of Toledo’s Authors and Artists exhibit from 5pm to 7pm in the Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections on the Fifth Floor of the William S. Carlson Library.  President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs will provide a welcome and remarks will be made by Dr. Carter Wilson, Professor of Political Science and Public Administration.  If you are interested in attending, please respond by March 25, 2008 to 419-530-2200 or by emailing

Our History:  The Library Under Mary Mewborn Gillham

Black and white photograph of Mary GillhamThe University of Toledo had a library collection of about 8,100 volumes when Mary Gillham (then Mary Mewborn) joined the staff in 1921. When she retired in 1969, it had grown to 600,000. The University Library was dedicated in 1953 and was the first free-standing library building at The University of Toledo.  Now known as Gillham Hall, the building is home to the classrooms and faculty offices of the Judith Herb College of Education.  A new building, William S. Carlson Library was built in 1970.  Mary retired in June, 1969, completing forty-eight years of service to The University of Toledo.  Her association with the University had been the longest on record at that time.  When asked by colleagues and friends to choose the form in which to commemorate her retirement, her answer was both quick and characteristic – “Books for the Library!” (Historical Development of The University of Toledo Libraries by Ina J. Weis.)


The Library is Seeking…

As the costs of print resources increase, University Libraries strive to provide the best instructional and research resources for our students and faculty.  Donations help provide valuable resources that strengthen the Libraries’ outstanding collections.  These donations make the difference between an ordinary library and one that is exceptional in the depth and scope of its holdings.  The Library is Seeking…looks for private funding for items on the Library’s wish list.  Your donation allows us to maintain and expand the Libraries’ resources.

Encyclopedia of African Religion $325.00
African religion has increasingly captured the attention of social scientists, philosophers, and humanists as new ethical and moral issues have expanded the desire for a science of cultural knowledge capable of advancing a multidimensional portrait of humanitarian responses to environment, relationships, and uncertainty.

Global Terrorism Four Volume Set $1,050.00
This collection brings together the very best research on terrorism including the post-9/11 period, which has seen a significant increase in the volume of research on terrorism. There are also a number of extremely important contributions that trace the development of this strand of terrorism research in the second half of the twentieth century, in particular the 1980s and 1990s.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History Four Volume Set $550.00
This award-winning set is the first English language scholarly reference log of its kind. The international crew of naval, academic, and independent authors admirably achieved their goal of creating an interdisciplinary resource that covers the entire history of seafaring; from ancient Egyptian shipbuilders to Viking sea-raiders, from Nelson and the Napoleonic Wars to the voyages of Cheng Ho, from the European conquerors of the New World to the nuclear submarines and supertankers of today.

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“The best and briefest reason for a good education is that the more effort you expend in sharpening the ax, the less effort you have to expend in chopping wood.”- Sydney J. Harris

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