University Libraries

University Libraries Mission, Vision, & Policies

The University Libraries brings together several university libraries under a single entity to provide students access to the tools of learning. 

Mission Statement (what we do)

The mission of the University Libraries is to drive excellence in life-long learning, discovery and engagement.  Within a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment, we enrich the student learning experience, facilitate research at all levels and engage the community through innovative educational services, resources and technologies. 

Vision Statement (what we're aiming for)

University Libraries will become the intellectual center of The University of Toledo by fully integrating its services, state-of-the-art technologies, and unique collections into all aspects of our institution.

Annual report

Our most recent Annual Report (2016) is available.

Strategic Plan

The most recent Strategic Planning document (2012) for the college is available.

How we're Organized

Please see our Organization Chart (as of January 2018).


Please see our University Libraries Assessment page for more information about how we assess our effectiveness.


Giving to the University Libraries

If you are interested in helping University Libraries and Academic Support accomplish its mission and achieve its strategic goals, please consider how you might give back.  See our Giving page, where you can learn more about opportunities to give in-kind gifts, fund endowments, or other naming opportunities. 

Last Updated: 2/15/21