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Collections & Connections - Vol. 1., No. 3, May 2008


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Spotlight: Mulford Health Science Library on the Health Science Campus

Raymon H. Mulford in bas relief in glass

Raymon H. Mulford

The Mulford Health Science Library is named after Raymon H. Mulford, the former president of Owens-Illinois (1961-1968), who led the Toledo company during the era of its largest financial growth. This skilled businessman was a local and national civic leader who served as vice-president of the National Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation and a trustee of the National Center for Voluntary Action. Mr. Mulford is remembered for helping the unemployed.


The Mission

Asan academic health science library, the Mulford Health Science Library supports education, research, and patient care on the Health Science Campus. The librarians work closely with students, faculty, and staff to assure they have access to the information needed for coursework and research. What makes Mulford unique among the University Libraries is the support provided to The University of Toledo Medical Center. In all areas of health care, there is an increased emphasis on evidence-based practice, meaning that decisions are informed by published research. The Mulford Library provides information to physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, and other personnel, so that they can consider the published research as they make the best decisions possible. One of the guiding principles at the Mulford Library is to providing online access to as much quality information as possible, so that health care providers do not have to leave their clinics or units to obtain the information needed.

Jolene M. Miller, MLS, AHIP, Coordinator of Information Services

Mulford Library blog headerWhat’s New at Mulford?

Stay informed and connected by visiting the Mulford Library Blog at

The Ronald M. Watterson Special Collections Room

MUO Cermonial MaceIn addition to rare medical books, artistic treasures of local significance can be found in the Watterson Room. A profile of Raymon H. Mulford (shown above) and a mace (shown to the left), examples of glass art by the internationally acclaimed artist Dominick Labino, are on permanent display.

Dominick Labino was a local artist who earned many honors for his use of industrial glass as a medium and for his research on glass composition and processing. Labino began his career at a Pennsylvanian Owens-Illinois plant, but returned to the Toledo area and worked at the Johns-Mansville Fiber Company for 30 years.

The Ward M. Canaday Center recently acquired Mr. Labino’s library and technical papers. Internationally renowned glass artist Baker O’Brien, Labino’s protégé, purchased Labino’s farm and glass studio in Grand Rapids, Ohio, after Labino’s death in 1987, and continues to make beautiful glass art there today. 

black and white photo of Ronald WattersonMeet Ronald M. Watterson

Ronald M. Watterson, founding librarian at the Medical College of Ohio, was hired in September, 1967; the seventh person hired by the college. The highlight of Mr. Watterson’s illustrious 23 year career was the building of the Raymon H. Mulford Library that opened in May 1975 at a cost of $7.4 million. As one of the first faculty members hired at MCO, Mr. Watterson was actively involved in all aspects of the College; he served on the Admissions Committee, the Graduation Committee, and was also the College’s Marshall at graduations for fifteen years. Mr. Watterson exemplified the meaning of collegiality. He was recognized posthumously by his colleagues in 1994 through the dedication of the Ronald M. Watterson Special Collections Room in the Mulford Library and in the naming of the Friends of the Mulford Library organization in his honor.

Donor Spotlight!

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The Ward M. Canaday Center will host a Women & Philanthropy event on Thursday, May 29th, 2008, at 5:30 P.M. Jeanne Drewes, Chief of Binding and Collections Care in the Preservation Directorate at the Library of Congress, will speak on the topic, "The Library of Congress - Preserving Our Heritage." During the evening’s event, Women & Philanthropy will announce the winner of their first ever campus grant.  This event is by Special Invitation Only. Please contact Chris Spengler at 419.530.4927 for additional information. For information about Women & Philanthropy, visit The University of Toledo website at

Next Issue’s Spotlight: The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections, Carlson Library

This issue was written by Jim Waite, Director of Development, Kimberly Brownlee, Manuscripts Librarian and Alice Crosetto, Coordinator of Collection Development. 

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